10 ‘Fresh’ Drama Movies With A Much Lower IMDb Rating

Netflix’s latest trending drama movie, Hustle, receives strong reviews across the board, but that’s certainly not always the case with movies in the genre. Most of the time, dramas will drive some sort of wedge between professional film critics and casual moviegoers.

Critics tend to love good drama because they look for high-quality writing, strong acting, and gripping stories in their films. Audiences love it too, but there are still some notable drama movies that managed to divide everyone, leading to high scores on Rotten Tomatoes and lower ratings on IMDb.

Noah (2014) – RT: 76%/IMDb: 5.8

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After directing modern classics like The wrestler and Black Swan, Darren Aronofsky’s next project was highly anticipated. The news that it would be an epic take on the Noah’s Ark story starring Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly and Emma Watson only added to that hype.


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Critics mostly felt that Noah was a success but the public was much less satisfied. While most people agreed that the production design and the game was on point, it’s the kind of story that can divide viewers, as evidenced by the low viewership rating of 41% on Rotten Tomatoes. .

Da 5 Bloods (2020) – RT: 92% / IMDb: 6.5

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There’s no doubt that Spike Lee joints are often movie acclaimed and that was again the case with his most recent work, Da 5 Bloods. It tells the story of a group of black Vietnam veterans who return to the country for a treasure they buried there along with the remains of their deceased brother.

The rating on IMDb suggests a movie that culminates in being pretty good. However, critics were much happier with Da 5 Bloods, giving it stellar reviews. The Netflix movie was also nominated for a handful of accolades, including an Academy Award.

Two Lovers and a Bear (2016) – RT: 84%/IMDb: 6.0

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Thanks to his incredible work on black orphan, Tatiana Maslany has proven herself to be one of the most impressive actresses working today. She will show it again in the next one She-Hulk MCU series. Maslany’s performance was one of the things critics loved Two lovers and a bear as well.

The Canadian film is set near the North Pole and focuses on the struggles of a couple (Maslany and Dane DeHaan), but it goes in unexpected directions that include horror elements and talking bears. These weird aspects are probably why casual viewers didn’t like it so much.

6 Balls (2018) – RT: 86%/IMDb: 5.9

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The talented Dave Franco is best known for his efforts in comedy films like The Disaster Artist and Neighborswith some supporting roles in more serious films like Now you see me. However, he really manages to show off his dramatic acting skills in 6 balloons.

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In this Netflix original film, Franco plays Seth, a man addicted to heroin and his sister spends the 4th of July driving him and his young daughter to find a life-changing drug rehab facility. Although it received rave reviews, many were put off by some of the pacing issues in a 74-minute film that felt longer.

Miss Stevens (2016) – RT: 91%/IMDb: 6.5

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This little indie film has a lot to offer, with the highlight certainly being the outstanding cast. Lily Rabe, Lili Reinhart and Timothée Chalamet lead the way in a film about a teacher chaperoning students in a theater competition.

Written and directed by underrated filmmaker Julia Hart, the film was a hit with critics who praised the screenplay. Rabe also won Best Actress at the South by Southwest festival. Alas, it seems the audience wasn’t totally into it.

Barry (2016) – RT: 80%/IMDb: 5.9

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A movie that tells the story of a young Barack Obama feels like that’s exactly the kind of thing critics are eating. This was indeed the case here since barry was well received, particularly for performances by Devon Terrell as Obama and Anya Taylor-Joy as Charlotte, his college sweetheart.

The problem is that the public only saw it as good, at best. They had issues with the fact that some of the storytelling was flawed and that the film took liberties with some of the real aspects of Obama’s college life.

All About Nina (2018) – RT: 86% / IMDb: 6.2

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Most of the movies considered here are outright dramas, but All about Nina is slightly different given that it has a comedic spin on things. The film is about a stand-up comedian who is successful on stage but not so successful in her personal life.

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Mary Elizabeth Winstead is great because the titular Nina and the supporting cast, including Common and Chace Crawford, are solid. Critics were pretty happy with this standalone film but, unfortunately, it didn’t sit well with casual moviegoers.

The Phenom (2016) – RT: 79%/IMDb: 5.2

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Almost everything about The phenomenon apparently aims to hit a home run with critics and audiences alike. The baseball drama centers on a young pitcher struggling on the mound, so the team sends him to a sports psychologist where bad memories resurface.

Loosely based on real-life cast member Rick Ainkel, the film received positive reviews as it was praised for its strong acting and moving story. That said, a lot of viewers were hoping for a little more baseball, and they had some issues with the pacing of the film.

The Humans (2021) – RT: 92%/IMDb: 6.1

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The most recent movie listed to get this kind of separation from Rotten Tomatoes critics and IMDb users is Humans. Written and directed by Stephen Karam in his feature debut, the film is set one night as a family gathers for a Thanksgiving meal and secrets come to light.

The diverse cast was a hit as Richard Jenkins, Beanie Feldstein, Amy Schumer, and Steven Yeun go well together. Critics loved the performances and the eerie atmosphere throughout, but audiences couldn’t get in. The IMDb rating of 6.1 is actually higher than the 44% Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Don’t Return from the Moon (2017) – RT: 88%/IMDb: 5.1

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In terms of concept, don’t come back from the moon feels like the kind of thing that will catch the eye of someone who finds it on a streaming service. Based on a 2005 novel, it tells the story of a small California town where every father disappears, leaving his children behind in times of need.

The cast is solid with Rashida Jones standing out. Although the reviews were sold, audiences didn’t follow the slow movie and found that it didn’t fully leverage the premise in the same way something like Netflix does. The society did.

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