2PM’s Hwang Chansung to star in 2021 K-drama “Show Window: The Queen’s House”

With five of the group’s six members working as actors in the Korean industry, the members of K-pop group 2PM appear to be multi-talented. Junho is currently playing the lead role in MBC K drama “The Red Sleeve” and Taecyeon will soon play the role of Royal Inspector in tvN’s upcoming drama, “Secret Royal Inspector Joy”, which is due out on November 8, 2021.

Another 2PM member, Chansung, was hired to star in a Channel A K-drama after his recent return with the group. Chansung made his acting debut in 2006 in the comedy series “Unstoppable High Kick”. He was last seen in the K-drama, “So I Married An Antifan” as the series’ secondary protagonist. He was also seen in an appearance in the K-drama Vincenzo starring fellow 2PM member Taecyeon.


After 2 p.m., 2 a.m. is back with Bang PD from JYP and HYBE producing the title tracks

2PM’s Ok Taecyeon to star with Kim Hyeyoon in tvN comedy “Inspector Joy”

Chansung to star in new K-drama

It was recently announced that the 2PM rapper, singer and lead maknae will star in Channel AK drama, “Show Window: Queen’s House”. Chansung’s character name has been reported to be Han Jungwon, who is the main character’s younger brother.

In the character poster released on October 16, Chansung was seen alongside the other three main protagonists of the series in formal diplomatic outfits. The K-drama stars other actors like Song Yoonah, Lee Sungjae, and Jeon Somin in the lead roles. The show is slated to air on Channel A in November 2021.

“Showcase: Maison de la Reine”

The show is a mysterious melodrama about a woman named Han Sunjoo, which supports the love affair of another woman named Yoon Mira with a man. However, she is unaware that the man Mira is having an affair with is none other than Sunjoo’s own husband, Shin Myungseop.

Han Sunjoo’s character has everything from looks and intelligence to wealth. She is an excellent wife and mother, helping her husband with his exceptional skills and raising her son with her meticulous personality. However, due to outside intrusion, a rift begins to appear in the perfect family she created, and she dives into war in order to stop it.

2PM’s Chansung stars as Han Jungwon, the younger brother of the main character, Han Sunjoo. She is an upbeat, warm character and someone who trusts her older sister a lot. Jungwon is someone who believes he can do anything if it’s for his sister. This raises questions about how Han Jungwon’s love for his sister will carry over to the story of the series.

2PM’s Chansung to appear as lead actor in K-drama ‘Show Window: Queen’s House’ (Channel A)

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