5 Reasons to Watch K-Drama Series Little Women on Netflix

This article discusses 5 reasons to watch K-Drama series Little Women (2022) on Netflix.

Netflix has always had a decent selection of K-Dramas and has made some interesting production decisions lately. Sure, squid game was last year’s surprise hit, but there were plenty of other interesting titles to check out, such as Sweet home, run, and Sisyphus: the myth.

Coming this September to Netflix, the Korean reimagining of Louisa May Alcott’s classic novel, Little woman. Let’s take a look at 5 reasons to check it out.

5 reasons to watch the K-Drama series Little Women (2022) on Netflix

Reason 1: A new take on a familiar material

Just watch the trailer and you’ll see that on the surface, at least, the plot of this adaptation of the classic novel appears to bear only a glaring resemblance to the source material. In this case, although we still have the familiar collection of sisters (although there are now 3 instead of 4), they are instead thrown into what appears to be a thriller following the discovery of a bag of ‘silver. The characterizations of the characters seem like a classic novel, but it feels like a total reimagining of the book you probably know and love.

Reason 2: An intriguing cast

Regular viewers of Netflix K-Dramas will likely already be familiar with a number of actors appearing in Little woman. Kim Goun (Leprechaun), Nam Ji Hyun (100 days my prince) and Park Ji Hoo (we are all dead) take on the roles of the March sisters and are ably supported by Wi Ha-Joon. It looks like a talented set.

Reason 3: Serious talent behind the camera

Perhaps even more impressive than the cast is the talent brought together to work on the behind-the-scenes aspect of this show. The show is directed by Kim Hee Won (Vincenzo) and written by Jung Seo Kyung (The servant, mother). On the script side, in particular, they called on a lot of firepower with the author of Hollywood blockbusters on the team.

Reason 4: It looks like a budget has been set aside for this.

With the combination of talent involved, it’s no surprise that Little woman looks like a well funded project and everything looks neat, well designed and of high quality.

Reason 5. Netflix is ​​betting big on its Korean release right now.

Following the dazzling success of squid game, Netflix has continued to pump money into producing material from Korea, with already impressive results. Everything on Little woman suggests that this show may well live up to that mark and continue Netflix’s appeal in all markets.

Netflix K-Drama Series Little Women will premiere on the streaming service on September 3.