7 Ways Josh Brolin’s New Sci-Fi Drama Looks Like Lost

Warning: This article contains minor spoilers for Outer Range.

The new hit currently trending on Amazon Prime is Josh Brolin’s new sci-fi neo-western Outdoor beach. Set in present-day Wyoming, it tells the story of Royal Abbott, a ranching patriarch who deals with the loss of his family and sudden tragedy, as well as an encroaching hostile takeover by a family. rival ranch, the Tillersons.

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Things start to go wrong when Royal discovers a mysterious black void in his back pastures. The comparisons with Lost become easily identifiable in Outdoor beachThe first four episodes of , in which a number of strange events and characters correlate with many aspects of the infamous series.

A reluctant anti-hero protagonist with baggage

A split image of crouching Matthew Fox in Lost and serious Josh Brolin in Outer Rims

Brolin’s Royal Abbott offers an engaging and charismatic main character to root for, who grapples with internal and external struggles as he tries to save himself and his family from falling apart. It’s not too far from Lostby Jack Shephard (Matthew Fox), who has spent much of the series desperately trying to protect his people while trying to unravel a variety of supernatural jinks and time travel methods.

Abbott and Shephard were written to define the heart and soul of the shows, which becomes crystal clear in Fox and Brolin’s emotionally resonant monologues, where they portray men approaching breaking points.

An important Frenemy character who knows more than he is telling

A split image of Autumn Rivers looking serious and John Locke smiling

What would a mystery show be without that much-vaunted Hollywood storyline? Imogen Poots’ Autumn Rivers appears in the very first episode offering Royal to camp on her land. Of course, it turns out she has an agenda, as evidenced by her pushing Royal into the void himself, and her character is later seen as some kind of scientist or consultant in the future. from the government who clearly knows more about the hole than she is letting on. the present.

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Autumn is not unlike that of Terry O’Quinn Lost character, John Locke, who was oddly connected to the mysterious island and had more information about it than he chose to share. He was often found alternately in league and at odds with Jack Shephard.

An enigmatic antagonist who wants to use the MacGuffin for his own ends

An image of serious Wayne Tillerson and smug Ben Linus in Lost

It becomes clear that Wayne Tillerson, patriarch of the rival family and embodied by Armageddon’s Will Patton, isn’t just land grabbing out of greed. He also knows something about the strange anomaly in the Abbots’ West Pasture, though it’s not yet clear what exactly he might believe.

Patton is still a reliable performer and a compelling villain (The postman) and Tillerson easily falls into the territory of one of the Lostthe best characters, Ben Linus, who is played by Michael Emerson. Linus was equally ambitious and perhaps even more nefarious in his designs for how he thought the island should function and it will be interesting to see how Tillerson ends up trying to use the hole for his own machinations.

The hole is like the trapdoor

A split image of the Outer Range hole and trapdoor in Lost

In terms of audience suspense, two of the two shows’ most primal modus operandi are obviously too similar in their application. The hatch was a backdoor to the DHARMA Initiative’s Swan facility, discovered by Locke and Boone, and a big part of season 1 of Lost concerned himself with how it might be opened, or in Hurley’s case, whether it should be opened at all.

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In outdoor range, the hole appears to be some sort of time portal, apparently offering brief access to both the past and the future, and it’s designed to work both ways, given the events to date. Both structures are heavily involved in one way or another with each of the key time travel sci-fi components of their respective series.

Buffaloes and polar bears

A split image of Buffalo walking across the field and a polar bear

Outdoor beach also uses the wildlife element as a complement to the story arc as much as Lost did. In this latest show, sightings of rampaging polar bears on the otherwise tropical island were a sensational element in heightening the bizarre mystery factors. Lost was infamous for, and ultimately, fans discover that the DHARMA Initiative brought them to the island’s Hydra station because they were leading study animals in the island’s electromagnetic properties.

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On Outdoor beachviewers have seen a number of scenes where a buffalo wanders the Abbott property, with a few arrows lodged in its hide, implying that the creature may have originated in the frontier past and wandered into the present from the hole.

Missing family members

A split image of Josh Brolin looking worried and an image of Walt looking suspicious in Lost

A key plot point in the recent Abbott family trials appears to be the disappearance of Royal’s stepdaughter Rebecca, who was married to his son Perry (whose inadvertent murder of one of the Tillerson boys sets off Royal’s reluctant use of the mysterious hole to dispose of the body). It’s a fair guess to assume that Rebecca will eventually show up, having fallen victim to the hole’s time travel.

Lost also included a character story from a missing family member to Walt, Michael’s son, who was kidnapped by the Others. He was eventually returned in a prisoner exchange and revealed to have some kind of psychic power. Maybe Rebecca will come back from the hole with improved abilities or knowledge.

time travel, time travel, time travel

A split image of the Oceanic Six rowing across the ocean and Josh Brolin looking serious in the Outer Range

A staple in sci-fi staples, both Outdoor beach and Lost using the time travel motif is one of their most important platforms to propel the story forward. The contrasts between the real-time present and flash-forwards are thrilling, with LostOceanic Six after the island showing what life was like after escaping the island, as well as side flash timelines (which may have turned out to be the afterlife).

Outdoor beach has shown us only limited glimpses of that future so far, in which Royal died two years prior, the Tillersons may have taken over the family land, and the government is watching the hole. It will be exciting to see how Outdoor beach and Royal Abbott continue to face its bleak future.

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