9 Teen Drama Series That Deserved Another Season

Ever since teen dramas dominated the 1990s, the genre has evolved with its big storylines, dynamic characters, and great friendships. However, while there are a few shows that left people with fond memories, like The society and I don’t agree with that, sometimes they don’t last very long and fans have suffered from them for years.

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There are many reasons why these teen shows don’t last long. Sometimes its budget issues and other times the show falls flat for viewers. However, fans will never fully understand why their favorite shows aren’t renewed when the shows are actually worth more than one or a few seasons.


Grand Army (available to watch on Netflix)

Owen and Dante walking down the street at Grand Army

Grand Army was a recent series that aired on Netflix in 2020. The show had a lot of growth potential and lots of compelling character storylines. Although the show can be a bit gritty and dark since some serious topics, many fans still enjoyed the episodes as it discussed related issues (especially in Brooklyn, NY).

The cast also had strong diversity and strong representation. Sadly, Grand Army was unfortunately short-lived. It also ended with some open-ended questions fans wanted to know.

Red Band Society (Available to stream on ABC)

An image of Dr. Naday helping a Red Band Society patient

Airing in 2014, this teen drama followed the lives of several teenagers who lived in a hospital and were dealing with serious medical issues.

Although this series was a while back, fans still wished there was more to the story as many wondered what would become of their favorite characters. Through it all, they came together and had many heartfelt moments that we will always miss. Red Band Society was definitely overlooked in its day and had the potential to be special with audiences.

My Life Called S0 (available to stream on Hulu)

An image of Claire Danes looking sad in My So Called Life

This teen drama aired in 1994, but fans of the show wanted the chance to continue the story of high school girl Angela Chase. The series followed his struggles with his identity and his acceptance of growing up and the loneliness one feels as a teenager.

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With the help of her friends, the show tackled serious topics like homophobia, drugs and sex. It embraced angsty adolescence and was one of the best forgotten teen shows of the 1990s. my so called life was basically moody and everything anyone would want from a typical teenage drama with a relatable female heroine.

Generation (available to stream on HBO Max)

An image of the cast of Generation looking at something off-screen

Generation was definitely a fan favorite until it was canceled in late 2021. This teen series premiered on HBO Max and had everything from LGBTQ+ representation to family dynamics. The series explored an interesting way of telling each character’s story through different perspectives of the same day.

It was definitely unique in its own way and the characters were very memorable. Generation had some relatable and hilarious moments that deserved more recognition. Unfortunately, fans couldn’t see where it might go next.

The Secret Circle (available to stream on the CW seed)

The main characters of the episode "Solitary" in The Secret Circle

A perfect mix of shows like The Vampire Diaries and Charm, The secret Circle deserved to have many more seasons. It had a dark, supernatural premise that had fans mesmerized into the lives of the main characters (one of them played by Britt Robertson).

With the rise of teen mystery shows, this one was definitely worth watching. The series should have had more time to develop the stories because each character had interesting stories and a lot of growth.

Everything sucks! (Available to stream on Netflix)

Image of Everything sucks

Everything sucks! was a massive Netflix fan favorite that had fans on their toes about whether or not it would be brought back. Fans of this series felt it was a hidden gem among other more traditional teen shows today.

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This series is set in the 1990s and focuses on a group of teenagers in Boring, Oregon. The show had a lot of promise and a lot of heart as it was mostly about peer pressure and teenagers trying to find themselves. He had also been praised for providing strong LGBTQ+ representation and creating related characters.

Dead Of Summer (available for purchase on Amazon)

death of summer didn’t last long on Freeform in 2016, but it should have. It centered on a group of campers and counselors who took on mystery and horror in the 1980s. It was perfect for fans who enjoyed summer camp horror movies.

death of summer tackled many issues that teens face across all generations, but with a dark twist. It was thrilling and mysterious, but unfortunately there was no season 2. It was a shame because the premise was fresh and exciting.

Freaks And Geeks (available to stream on Hulu)

An image of Linda Cardellini and Jason Segel smiling together in Freaks and Geeks

freaks and geeks was a 1999 teen comedy-drama and centers on a group of teenagers who didn’t fit in. This is one of the well-known teen shows that deserved another season and to this day the fans of the show are wishing for another season of sorts.

He was underestimated and didn’t take himself too seriously. The show featured big stars before they were big, like Jason Segel and Linda Cardellini, and the storylines suited teenagers of that era.

The Society (available to stream on Netflix)

Allie Pressman standing in a field with the other Society teenagers

This teen show also only lasted one season even though it was renewed for a second. Fans were shocked when they learned it wouldn’t continue. It followed the lives of teenagers living in a mysterious universe where their parents don’t exist, and dealt with difficult issues as the town had to find a way to survive.

It had also been dark and promising with the character alone. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, The society was canceled and ended with so many unanswered questions that fans still want to know.

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