A black drama that explores Rajshashi’s underside

This eight episode narco thriller is entirely based on the city of Rajshahi. The name ‘Shaaticup’ is also a local word in Rajshahi which means to hide

January 25, 2022, 10:55 a.m.

Last modification: January 25, 2022, 11:29 a.m.

Shaaticup. Photo: Collected


Shaaticup. Photo: Collected

Drug dealer Sohel’s (Galib Sarder) shipment of drugs has been stolen by a gang of teenagers. This disrupts the drug supply in the city of Rajshahi. Sohel tasks Uttam (Amit Rudra) with finding the culprit of the theft. Using his sources, Uttam discovers that Joynal (Ahsabul Yamin Riad) may be the man behind it all.

Uttam knows, however, that Joynal is not the only culprit. He goes after everyone involved.

What happens next is a treat for viewers of Chorki’s new “Shaaticup” web series.

This eight episode narco thriller is entirely based on the city of Rajshahi. The name “Shaaticup” is also a local word in Rajshahi, which means to hide.

Being a border town, various groups are active in the drug trafficking scene of Rajshahi. This web series is dedicated to them.

The setting of the story is undoubtedly a difficult task to portray. However, the creators did their best to showcase it.

The whole series was shot in Rajshahi and the dialogues are also in Rajshahi dialect. The conversations therefore have an authentic atmosphere.

If you are from Rajshahi, the mention of places like ‘Guripara’ and ‘Panchabati’ will give you goosebumps while watching the series.

Although he doesn’t have any big names on board, director Mohammad Touqir Islam brought the series to life with a unique script and unorthodox filming methods.

The cinematography was so grand that the city, its alleys, the Padma River and the surrounding floats were transformed into different characters.

The narration was beautiful and realistic. The unknown but talented actors featured in this web series have portrayed their roles beautifully. There are 137 actors associated with this series, all of whom are residents of Rajshahi.

The background music to ‘Shaaticup’ completes the story beautifully. The series is currently rated 9.4 on IMDb and trending on social media.

‘GUJGUJ CHANG’, the only song in the series, was written by Omar Masum, who also played the role of Babu in the series. Containing strong language, this song adds an edge to the story, helping viewers get an idea of ​​the underlying situation of the story.

However, alongside all these positives, there are a few negatives, like the lack of subplots and dark characters in the show.

In some cases, the series creators refrained from exploring the details of certain characters. For example, the character of Hannan (Najmus Saaqib) seemed a bit mysterious. The creators could have focused on exploring more details about this character to give her appearance a wider range.

These unconventional scenarios and stories rich in local flavors are usually not realized in our country. For local audiences, ‘Shaaticup’ will be a new experience. Chorki deserves a special mention for promoting content that doesn’t have a big production house, nor a big name as a cast member.