A chilling revenge drama aptly directed by Keerthy Suresh, Selvaraghavan

Saani Kaayidham skipped a theatrical release and is streaming on Amazon Prime starting today. Directed by Arun Matheswaran, the film, starring Keerthy Suresh and Selvaraghavan, is a revenge drama that features stunning performances from the lead actors.


Maari (Kanna Ravi) and Ponni (Keerthy Suresh), who is a police officer, lead a happy life with their daughter Dhana. Sangayya (Selvaraghavan) is Ponni’s half-brother and enjoys taking care of Dhana and he continues to meet her regularly. One day, Maara fights with her boss at the rice mill and it ends in a dirty fight that costs her life and her daughters. On the other hand, as part of revenge, a group of men from the factory, who think themselves superior due to their caste and status, rape Ponni and also try to kill her. When justice fails to bring justice to Ponni, she decides to take revenge and her brother helps her carry out the plan. What happens next is something that will leave you shocked.


This revenge drama will send shivers down your spine. It’s about how in rural India people are still stuck to caste, creed, ego and all that comes with their narrow thought process, and how class families socially backward have to pay for things they don’t deserve. It talks about how the accused can escape justice smoothly and how the victims have to suffer. Revenge is the best form shown in the film. Director Arun Matheswaran tried to show the power of women. It could be love… or revenge, it will be extreme, that’s what the film teaches you. Also, this one contains a lot of violence that a lot of people can’t stand, and that’s probably why the creators chose to release it on OTT. The music elevates each scene and makes you glued to your seat.


Keerthy Suresh’s performance in this film will be his best yet. She went de-glam for this raw and rustic avatar. The way she described the performances deserves applause. She has just stepped into her character and throughout the film you will believe that Ponni also exists in real life. The man of the show is Selvaraghavan. This is his first full role in a movie and he stole the show. This popular director, known for making amazing movies, was seen at his best as Sangayya. These two actors are the soul of the film. Without a doubt, the director made sure that the actors gave their best for the film.

All in all, Saani Kaayidham is worth checking out this weekend if you don’t mind watching the chilling violence.