A murder victim, a holy spring and a war drama: Derbyshire’s hidden secrets

Derbyshire is blessed with a rich history, much of which is fortunately still tangible throughout the county. There are a plethora of places scattered about where visitors are almost transported back in time and can really get a glimpse of what Derbyshire was like years ago.

Some places are proud of you and a marvel of man-made beauty, while others are hidden, unsuspecting, and easy to miss if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Here are some photos taken by members of the Togs Photographic Group, set up by the Derby Telegraph.

Each week, they challenge each other with a DT Togs theme on Facebook. The memoir for this challenge read: “Everything has ties to the past. Here’s what some of the towns in Derbyshire are the most famous, or perhaps the least known, villages for.” Those who want to get involved in the Togs challenge can join the private Facebook group here.

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Members of our tog party have been busy snapping photos of a range of historic locations, from Grade I listed buildings in the Peak District, to small artefacts on display at Cromford Mill, and even people attending medieval events. Here are some of the photos taken in the county that caught the eye of our Derbyshire Live photographer, Simon Deacon.