A solid 2022 comedy-drama is hitting the road again in streaming

Movie about Channing Tatum’s boyfriend/pet Dog proves it’s anything but after hitting the streaming charts at a solid second place, just slightly behind the top spot on streamer Prime Video. The film, shot on a modest budget of $15 million, grossed $84 million at the box office, and between that and its near-front-of-the-pack lead, it turned out to be a pretty good boy.

The film, released in February 2022, went well over budget despite concerns over the novel Omicron variant of the COVID-19 virus at the time. It also garnered generally favorable reviews from critics and audience members alike, which isn’t surprising when you combine a touching story of a misfit dog and star Tatum’s undeniable charm.

Dog tells the story of U.S. Army Ranger Jackson Briggs, played by Tatum, who tries to get back on the active roster despite being sidelined by PTSD and a brain injury. When Briggs’ friend Riley Rodriguez is killed in an accident, he is tasked with accompanying Rodriguez’s army canine partner, Lulu, a Belgian Malinois who acts aggressively towards anyone who isn’t Rodriguez. at his funeral, after which he will take Lulu to the White Sands Missile Range to be euthanized.

Are you still crying? It’s not even the first act. The film continues as a typical road trip with Briggs and Lulu completely distrusting each other, eventually bonding, each helping the other begin to work through their trauma. With many, many thrills along the way.

Tatum, who conceived and directed the film, told Yahoo News that the film was inspired by the last road trip he took with his own dog (also named Lulu) after she was diagnosed with cancer. “When I did my last road trip with my pup, [I experienced] this feeling of, ‘I can’t do anything. There is nothing more to do. You just have to accept it and be grateful for the time you had and know that they’re not meant to be here forever. I’m supposed to carry on and she has to go somewhere else,” he said.

Dog is currently available to stream on Amazon. Bring Kleenex.