A video showing the character of Tiku Talsania from an upcoming drama series is shared with a common narrative

A collage of images and a video are circulating widely on social media claiming that popular Bollywood actor Tiku Talsania has recently converted to Islam. Let’s check the assertion made in the message.

Claim: Famous Bollywood actor Tiku Talsania converted to Islam and grew a beard.

Do: The video shared in the post shows the character of Bollywood comedian Tiku Talsania from an upcoming drama series/movie. Tiku Talsania made no such announcement of his conversion to Islam. Recent interviews and Instagram videos showed Tiku Talsania clean-shaven only with a mustache on his face. Therefore, the claim made in the message is FALSE.

When we sought to verify whether Bollywood actor Tiku Talsania had made such an announcement of his conversion to Islam, we found no such announcement on the official Instagram handles of Tiku Talsania and his daughter Shikha. Talsania. If Tiku Talsania had made such an announcement about converting to Islam, several mainstream news and entertainment websites reported it. But we couldn’t find a single news article reporting on this alleged development.

Several YouTube channels clarified that the viral video shows Tiku Talsania’s look from an upcoming drama series or movie. You can see them here, here and here. Several websites have published articles relating to this precision.

In a recent interview Per entertainment channel ‘Shemaroo’, Tiku Talsania was seen in a clean shave with only a moustache. A recent Instagram video of Tiku Talsania with Krishna Mukherjee can be seen here. Regarding the video shared in the post, we reached out to Tiku Talsania via Instagram for clarification. We’ll update this story once we get a response from Tiku Talsania.

Although we couldn’t find the original source of the video, from all this evidence it can be concluded that Tiku Talsania did not convert to Islam and the viral video shows the character (role ) by Tiku Talsania in an upcoming drama series.

To sum up, the video of Tiku Talsania’s character (role) from an upcoming drama series has been falsely shared with a common narrative.

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