Adele quits mid-performance amid medical drama

Adele was praised by onlookers as she stopped her performance in London halfway through to help a struggling fan.

During a Friday night performance in London’s Hyde Park, the 34-year-old cut music several bars into the song celestial fall as she noticed a situation unfolding in her audience.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Adele stops mid-song to help a struggling fan

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“Stop stop stop. I need security help,” she shouted into her microphone.

Pointing to the fan in her large audience, the singer asked security, “Right in the middle, can you see where they’re waving?”

The mother-of-one moved closer to the stage, walking down the long stage to get a better view.

Adele stops the music as she calls security. Credit: Twitter

As soon as the fan was safe with security, the singer continued with her show.

“Well, let’s do it again,” she said as the audience burst into applause.

Along with the crowd, fans online praised the singer, calling her a “class act.”

“Adele is simply the best of humanity! says another.

Adele waits for security. Credit: Twitter

A third wrote: “Now that’s love she clearly LOVES her fans.”

Meanwhile, others couldn’t help but compare Adele’s proactive response to an incident at Travis Scott’s Astroworld festival in November, where 10 audience members died after crowds surged as the rapper was performing.

Those at the front who were unable to escape were crushed, local fire chief Sam Peña said. CNN at the time.

Scott was later criticized for not ending his show more abruptly as the emergency unfolded.

“Travis Scott could learn something from Adele,” one person tweeted.

“You know who… Look, that’s how it goes.” You know who you are,” said another.

Crowds watch Travis Scott perform at the Astroworld Festival at NRG Park on Friday, November 5, 2021 in Houston. Credit: jamal ellis/PA

Adele’s Sweet Stage Moment

Adele clearly has a keen eye on her audience, also spotting a young girl sitting on her father’s shoulders at another point in the show.

The star kindly attempted to throw cash and a t-shirt at the girl through a portable cannon.

“She’s on her daddy’s shoulders in the green top,” Adele told her audience, telling the adults that “if it comes around to you, be a nice adult and give it to her.”

“I’ll do my best my love,” she told him as the audience made “aww” sounds.

Adele leaves a young girl in tears after giving her money. Credit: Twitter

After firing the cannon, Adele gave updates, asking the adult who caught it, “Are you going to give it to him…oh my god, they gave it to him!” she screamed.

The camera then turned to the young girl who burst into tears.

“Give me a sign, little girl, go buy yourself something nice, my love,” said the hit bottom said the singer.

WATCH IN THE VIDEO BELOW: Adele’s sweet act leaves the youngster in tears

Adele’s sweet act leaves the girl in tears.

Adele’s sweet act leaves the girl in tears.

“I love a few more children”

Adele has always had a special way with children, especially as she is a mother to nine-year-old son Angelo – whom she shares with ex-husband Simon Konecki, 48.

On Sunday, the singer revealed she wanted more children with sports partner Rich Paul, 40.

“I would definitely love a few more kids,” Adele told BBC Radio Four. Desert Island Discs.

” That would be wonderful. Otherwise, I have Angelo.

Adele’s acceptance speech at the Brit Awards in 2022. Credit: PA

The couple, who started dating in 2021, have dropped baby bumps in recent months and bought a sprawling A$83million mansion in Beverly Hills.

The North Beverly Park home was previously owned by Hollywood great Sylvester Stallone, 75.

WATCH IN THE VIDEO BELOW: Adele and Rich Paul buy a new mega mansion

Adele was the guest of the Graham Norton Show in February, talking about her Las Vegas residency which she abruptly canceled in January.

The superstar broke down in tears at the time as he told fans the show wasn’t ready to continue.

“I did my best and really thought I would be able to put something together in time,” she said.

Adele and Rich Paul reach a milestone in their relationship by buying their first home together. Credit: Adele/instagram

However, she told Norton that the show is still in the works, noting that it will “absolutely” be postponed until later this year.

“[The show] is absolutely 100% this year,” she shared.

“It has to happen this year because I have plans for next year.

“Imagine if I have to cancel because I’m having a baby!” she added.

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