After General Hospital COVID Break Ends, Stars Return to Drama at Work

Things are getting more complicated now that they are back to work.

General hospital certainly didn’t start the New Year off on the right foot when they announced just days after 2022 that they would be delaying their post-vacation return due to Omicron. They weren’t alone, at least, as it was an ABC decision affecting a number of shows as they tried to play it safe with this latest COVID strain.

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A week didn’t sound like a bad one, and the network assured viewers there wouldn’t be any disruptive episodes – but that didn’t mean we weren’t all a little nervous. In March 2020, when the pandemic began, the shows announced a four-week hiatus to combat it, assuring viewers that there would be no disruption to the episodes. They didn’t return to the studio until July. Until then, all know but Days of our lives was running out of new episodes to air.

This time, however, a week turned out to mean… a week! And we couldn’t be more relieved, because there are some burning stories in our heads that we not want delayed.

On Monday evening, Finola Hughes (Anna) and Laura Wright (Carly) took to Instagram to announce the end of the GH COVID break. And they both used it as an opportunity to showcase some of the wonderful new General hospital artwork they recently released!

“Big smile, don’t worry about it,” Hughes shared. “Back to #GH tomorrow. “

After year accumulation, Valentine and Anna are finally warming up – something we would never have guessed when it first appeared on our screens and Anna absolutely despised it. Again, this is how the best love stories usually begin! But what kind of love story is this? Well, spoilers for the next couple of weeks indicate that’s exactly what Anna and Valentine are going to try to figure out! What they decide, however… we’ll just have to wait and see.

When Wright announced the return of the show, she had a very similar approach to her co-star – and an excited smile!

“First day back in Carly’s World in 2022,” she wrote.

Carly’s World, of course, couldn’t be more volatile than it currently is. Our jaws were pretty much on the floor when Sonny’s wife almost slapped Nina’s face and warned her about the mob boss. Sonny might be drinking under the table thinking her marriage is over, but Carly’s reaction is of a woman ready to fight like hell for her husband. Physically, if necessary.

We have a feeling there is going to be more than a shocking few as things turn out. very interesting in the coming weeks and, heck, the year. And we can’t wait to see who his surprise visitor is next week!

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So yes, we can understand why the two actresses are delighted to return to their characters and their plots that never cease to heat up. Fortunately, COVID won’t make us wait four months like last time.

We assume that all there is to say is the welcome back! For our part, we couldn’t be happier to have them back in the studio and can’t wait to see what they do next! That said, let’s hope the rest of 2022 turns out better for General hospital (and the rest of us!) and everyone on the show stays healthy and safe no matter how many pandemic waves crash onto our shores.

Since Hughes and Wright have shared some of the show’s new promo photos, why not take a moment to check out the rest? We have a gallery full of 2022 General hospital throw in pictures and each one is more beautiful than the last!