After The Verdict Episode 2 Preview: New Drama Series Offers A Twisty New Surprise

After the judgment broadcast on Wednesday after The block on Channel 9. If you missed the first episode, don’t worry, you can stream the first episode on 9Now.

Stream the latest episodes of After the Verdict on 9Now.

After the judgment follows four ordinary people as they go beyond the call of jury duty to catch a killer.

And for those who are already gripped by the new Aussie thriller, we have two exclusive scenes for the next episode to check out.

In the first scene (which you can watch in the video above), Margie (Magda Szubanski) is hiding something from her fiancée Trish (Virginia Gay).

Margie (Magda Szubanski) and her fiancée Trish (Virginia Gay) in After The Verdict. (New)

Margie claims she bought Trish something from a store – a pop-up shop – as a pre-wedding gift. Will Trish see through Margie’s lie? Watch the clip above to find out.

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And if one preview wasn’t enough, we also have a second clip to check out.

In this scene, Margie, Clara (Michelle Lim Davidson), and Ollie (Lincoln Younes) visit the site of the arson. The site is the furniture store owned by Clara and her ex-partner. The trio discuss whether they should go to the police and if they can get a new close contact who might be responsible.

The trial may be over, but it’s clear from these scenes that the mystery has only just begun. It’s going to get dirty for our four innocent but curious jurors.

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After the judgment broadcast on Wednesday after The block on Channel 9 and 9Now. You stream the latest episodes on 9Now for free.

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