Alia’s revenge in a satirical drama

Starcast Alia Bhatt, Shefali Shah, Vijay Varma, Roshan Mathew, Rajesh Sharma and Vijay Maurya
Director Jasmeet K. Reen

Alia Bhatt made her producer debut with her latest film Darlings released this Friday on Netflix. Helmed by Jasmeen K. Reen. Darlings is a dark comedy genre film. What does Alia have to offer with its latest OTT release? Read our Darlings movie review for the answers.

Darlings is a comedy thriller based on domestic violence and stars Alia Bhatt, Shefali Shah and Vijay Varma in lead roles alongside Roshan Mathew, Rajesh Sharma, Vijay Maurya and others in the supporting cast. The Darlings trailer argued that this was a movie with a lot to offer. But what is actually delivered? Is it worth your time and money to buy a premium Netflix? Keeping all the questions in mind and still spoiling nothing, Kiddaan wrote this Darlings movie review to guide you with the best review you need to read before tuning into Netflix for Darlings.

Story & Scenario

Darlings is a dark satire based on domestic violence. The story revolves around Badrunnisa/Badru who marries Hamza Shaikh after a love affair. But her decision turned out to be a disaster as Hamza, who is an alcoholic, abuses her physically and mentally. But our daughter ‘Badru’ is in love and not ready to ruin her marriage. She tries several ways to get rid of her husband’s alcohol but fails each time. One solution she finds relevant is “having a baby and dad will quit drinking.” Eventually it worked for a while, but then something happened and his mindset changed from “get rid of Hamza’s booze” to “get rid of Hamza”. The vengeful Badru makes plans with her mother ‘Shamsunnissa’ to torture her husband. In all this roller-coaster drama, the story progresses to a justified ending.

The story is not unknown but the way it was delivered makes it special. The film’s simple yet effective script is all the story demands. The special thing about the Darlings movie is that when you tune in at the first minute or the tenth or after the interval, you’ll still get the whole story, but you’ll still miss a lot of stuff.

Acting and performances

Alia Bhatt raised the bar this time. She played the character of ‘Badru’ perfectly. His expressions… wow!! From a caring wife to an angry wife, from a feared wife to a “what more he can do” wife, from a wife who loves too much to a “seeking revenge”, Alia has been phenomenal in each avatar.

After Alia, let’s talk about her on-screen mother, Shefali Shah, in our Darlings movie review. My words will not be enough to appreciate Shefali’s performance: “She is like a good wine that has aged well”. Although ‘Shamsunissa’ is a strong character in the story herself, it was Shefali who took her character to another level. There are many scenes in the movie where she didn’t even utter a single word but was just as punchy with expressions only.

Speaking of the ladies, now is the time to talk about the man, Vijay Varma, who can also be dubbed another Netflix original, “The Most Hated Man on the Internet”. Whenever people talk about the Darlings movie in the future, major credits will be given to Alia & Shefali. But Vijay Varma is the man, the devil of the film, who also served as a catalyst to brighten up the performances of others. You’ll hate him in every scene, but you still can’t deny the fact that you fell in love with his jaw-dropping performance. He brought depth to the performance side of the film. And mark our words, despite actors like Alia Bhatt and Shefali Shah as co-stars, Vijay Varma is the show stealer in Darlings.

Other actors in the film including Roshan Mathew, Rajesh Sharma and Vijay Maurya also did a great job portraying their characters.


Darlings is directed by Jasmeen K. Reen and we have to say that Jasmeen was outstanding in providing the content we really needed. His hard work can be seen in every second of the film. The way she handled the casting to get the best out of it is commendable. The screenplay is the main volume of this film and Jasmeen has missed no trick in his dictionary to make this film a screenplay genius. Although I also think the story could have included more thrilling scenes to develop the story well. But overall, Jasmeen is outstanding in her latest release.

Music and background music

We already knew that Netflix movies aren’t known for their songs and music, Darlings is no different. Yes! There are a few songs that complement the story and the script well. ‘Please’ is written by Gulzar and is actually a groovy track.

One thing that makes any movie special or average is its background score and a dark comedy like Darlings could have been doomed if its BGM turned out to be average. But his BGM was icing on the cake. Not even at a single scene does the background score look unpleasant.

What makes it unique

Darlings is not your everyday Bollywood movie. It doesn’t include a story that is very new to us or unpredictable, but what makes it unique is its storytelling style. You don’t usually get to watch a dark comedy that has a serious problem like “Domestic Abuse.” Most of the performances of each actor in the film make it a beautiful Bollywood project.


Concluding this Darlings movie review with appreciation from the entire Darlings team for giving us the content we were actually looking for from bollywood. Now is the time to rate the movie, so we gave the movie 3.5 stars for a wonderful story. But we’d also like to add another half star because it was unique and the performance certainly deserves some extra appreciation. So ultimately, Kiddaan gives the Darlings movie 4 out of 5 stars.

If you’ve read this far, you must have decided to watch this movie ASAP! Just tune into Netflix and enjoy this starring Alia Bhatt, Darlings..go for it!!

I haven’t watched the Darlings trailer yet, here it is, check it out.