An unpredictable mystery drama has dethroned ‘The Sandman’ on Netflix

Picture: Netflix

The sand manNetflix’s reign at the top of the charts is over, with a streaming newbie coming straight to the top spot.

echoes, featuring Impossible mission alum Michelle Monaghan, became the series to upset The Sandman reigns atop the charts for a long time, with the mystery series skyrocketing after Neil Gaiman’s adaptation after just a week. Although he was in second place as recently as August 28, it is now well and truly ahead.

Identical twin sisters Leni and Geni (both played by Monaghan) have kept a dangerous secret since childhood, but a mysterious disappearance throws their lives into chaos. The show then takes us through the investigation into the truth of a very bizarre situation. Interestingly, however echoes is an Australian production, it was not shot but in Wilmington, North Carolina.

echoes currently sits at a disappointing 28% on Rotten Tomatoes, but critics at least praised Monaghan’s top-notch performance as the twins. However, the show steadily climbing to the top of the Netflix charts at least proves that audiences are sticking with the show throughout its seven episodes to learn the answer to the mystery.

That it can top the charts despite negative reviews proves that no Netflix original series needs stranger things Where Sand seller Success levels critical to success. How long is left ahead The sand manhowever, is something graphics enthusiasts will keep an eye out for.

echoes is available to stream exclusively on Netflix.