Astral Pipes Launches Dramatic Action TV Campaign Starring Allu Arjun

Astral Pipes has launched a new action drama television campaign featuring actor Allu Arjun. The campaign has been conceptualized in the Telugu language and will be released in South Indian markets in the regional languages.

The TVC aims to spark conversations among viewers about the strength, durability and resilience of Astral Pipes. The campaign focuses on creating a strong bond and improving brand awareness among trade and end consumers in the South Indian market.

The TVC sends a message that Astral is not only a reliable piping system, but also durable, strong, and essentially the backbone of a housing system.

Kairav ​​Engineer, Astral Limited said, “We were blessed and aware enough that piping systems are crucial for every household. India marks as a vast land of varied climatic conditions and architectural preferences. However, as an Indian brand, we have always strived to provide specialized solutions with our diverse but customized offerings to different geographies in India. Our association with Arjun marks a significant effort to understand and communicate with the South Indian market. This campaign is a structured way to communicate to southern market audiences about the right choices to make on their journey to creating the perfect home with the strongest backbone; that’s to say; the piping system.

Allu Arjun Said, “It was a pleasure to partner with a renowned brand like Astral which exemplifies expertise in its field of piping solutions. As the brand strengthens its presence in the South Indian landscape, I am happy to align the love and appreciation that my audience has given me over a long period. With Astral’s entry into this market, I am certain that customers and partners will show me the same kind of affection that they have shown me.

Yogen Parikh, Chief Marcom said, “A campaign focused on a specific market should be conceptualized and designed in a local essence of that particular market to connect with people. Also, when the campaign should focus on changing consumer behavior, it should be informative and very functional, especially in the low involvement category. We decided to have a dramatic story with action, just like Tollywood movies, and also embodying the brand attributes that is strong and enduring. AA for Allu Arjun is equivalent to AA for Always Astral.

Client – Astral Limited

Engineer Kairav, Vice-President

Head of Marketing Communications: Yogen Parikh

Marketing Marketing Team: Jay SK

Director: Harish Shankar