Back to the Future Drama Explains George McFly’s Sequel Absences

Including great sci-fi and romance elements, Back to the future is one of the greatest films to come out of the 80s. However, it is too optimistic to think that all the cast members got along well. There are several big name actors in the Back to the future film series that have remained active in the spotlight and in the media, such as Lea Thompson and Michael J. Fox. But Crispin Glover, who famously played Marty McFly’s father George, doesn’t have the same fan status as his co-stars.

Glover, who is actually three years younger than Fox despite playing his father, had a rather infamous reputation on set for his frequent disagreements with writer Bob Gale and director Robert Zemeckis. Apparently, the actor over-analyzed some scenes, which sometimes interrupted the filming process and gave the crew major headaches. “When you ask questions, people say ‘you’re crazy,'” said Glover in an interview with SiriusXM.

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George McFly in Back to the Future

While Glover’s quirky personality and methodical tendencies clashed with the writing team, his fellow cast members had differing opinions of the actor. “I’ve always loved him. He and Bob Zemeckis were really arguing about that scene: Crispin wanted to do it with a broom and Bob didn’t. revealed Fox in an interview with The Guardian. In addition to his stage shenanigans, Glover reportedly disagreed with the ending of the first episode of the Back to the future money-themed franchise and refused to return for the sequel.

Following Glover’s departure, viewers once again witnessed the high school dance in Back to the future part II, but this time it wasn’t just Glover who portrayed George. In an effort to make it look like nothing was suspicious, the production team cast actor Jeffrey Weissman in various facial prostheses to look like Glover and reused old footage from the previous film. However, since Glover’s name was still present in the closing credits and the lookalike was used without his permission, the Fake Shemp lawsuit was created.

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Back to the Future - George and Marty

The lawsuit seemed to stem from the production team not only using a double in place of Glover, but also reusing footage and not paying Glover for it. “They had this impostor like Crispin, which really upset me because I thought Crispin was a genius,” Thompson revealed. in a 2015 interview with Pop goes to cultural television. Ultimately, Glover won the case and was awarded $760,000 for misdeeds in the film and the Screen Actors Guild subsequently enacted new clauses to prohibit the use of this method of mimicry in the future.

To this day, Glover claims he was right about the long-running bitter feud between him and the writing staff. However, Gale had a different version of the story and said that Glover could have come back for the sequel if he wanted to, but was unhappy with the $125,000 salary relative to the earnings of other cast members. Whatever the truth, the Back to the future The franchise will forever be synonymous with Glover’s controversial exit and legal fallout.

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