Best Drama Series Predictions 2022 – Deadline

The tight race for one of Emmy’s most prestigious categories, Outstanding Drama Series, is the subject of this week’s edition of Deadline’s podcast, TV TALK. Awards columnist and chief film critic Pete Hammond and Deadline TV critic Dominic Patten try to make sense of the contenders and who may or may not have the edge.

Additionally, Dominic chats with The Dropout creator Elizabeth Meriwether and stars of the Elizabeth Holmes-based Hulu miniseries Amanda Seyfried and Naveen Andrews during our recent Contenders TV event on the Paramount lot.

Listen now:

Last year the winner was Netflix The crown which finally triumphed after several tries and led to a breakthrough in the category for the streamer for the first time. However, as is the case with so many series that take a year off – or longer – and then return to the contest, The crown is not authorized to defend his Crown Emmy this time around.

But HBO Succession who won the top prize the previous year and was absent last year due to pandemic-related delays, is back to compete again. Does that make it the favorite?

Or is Netflix ready to pounce again with its international sensation, The squid game first season or Ozark’s last season?

We also talk about the chances of a major broadcast network, NBC (which is also airing the Emmys this year) bringing a commercial network back into the winner’s circle for the first time in years and years with the high-profile final season. of It’s us. And why does Dominic think Disney+ Loki maybe in the game?

Yellowstone, yellow vests, severance pay, the good fight, billions, time to win – all trying to break into the category for the first time with Apple The morning show who despite 8 nominations his first season hasn’t cracked this category – yet. Euphoria and You better call Saul after a sabbatical year are trying to come back strong. Netflix also has Bridgerton in the mix, and David E. Kelly’s Lincoln’s lawyer. And we also answer the provocative question of what happens if Peacock’s beautiful air wins a nomination including one for its executive producer, Will Smith. Hmmm. Lots to think about.

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