Breakdown of main K-Drama characters like Lee Ra-el

Fans Are On The Edge Of Their Seats To See Seo Yae-ji’s Return To Her Leading Role For The K-drama Eve. May’s K-drama is all about revenge, deception, and the destruction of the elite. Eve will have fans clinging to Lee Ra-el’s (Seo) path for revenge on the people who destroyed his family. With the scenario of Eve revealed, here’s everything we know about the drama’s main characters ahead of the premiere.

Main characters of K-drama ‘Eve’ | via tvN

Character Seo Eun-pyung symbolizes purity as he aids Ra-el in his plan in “Eve”

Actor Lee Sang-yeob plays one of the main characters in Eve like Eun-pyung. The K-drama trailers don’t reveal much about the character but his emotions. With his look, fans sense that Sang-yeob is struggling with his innocence and pure nature as he helps Ra-el on his way to revenge.

What is his connection to Ra-el? Since the first Eve trailer, he realizes that the woman in a photo is Ra-el, and he looks surprised. The character’s synopsis explains that he was once an orphan who witnessed the demise of Ra-el’s family.

According to Soompi, he grew up to become the youngest member of the National Assembly and in the spotlight of the political sphere. Despite his resilience, he’s willing to throw it away for Ra-el because he loves him.

In the official Eve posters for each character, Sang-yeob holds a white rise symbolizing his purity and innocence. He has a hurt but determined look, and Soompi explains the poster: “I have changed, but I want to protect you.”

Han So-ra is one of the main characters in Eve as the wife who was betrayed

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Eve tells the story of a scandalous affair that shocks the nation. Every dramatic story needs the woman who is caught in the fire trying to mend her broken life at any cost. Han So-ra, played by Yoo Sun, is the wife of Kang Yoon-kyum (Park Byung-eun) who has always lived a high class life.

In Eve, the character is the only daughter of a high-ranking politician who married in the life she always knew. It all comes crashing down when Yoon-kyum reveals in the teaser that he’s fallen in love with a woman who isn’t his wife. Behind So-ra’s poise and elegance hides a woman obsessed with her husband.

She will stop at nothing to rectify the hell she is in and will not let anyone steal her husband. In her official character poster, So-ra has a furtive look lined with angry tears as she holds a gray rose. She holds the broken stem of the rose with the following caption: “There’s nothing in this world I can’t have.”

Main Character Kang Yoon-kyum Set To Atone For His Sins In “Eve”

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Ra-el sets his sights on the Kang Yoon-kyum. He is the CEO of a large company and the person responsible for the disappearance of Ra-el’s family. the Eve the character is already well established, wealthy, with powerful authority and a wife. He has a lot to lose and he’s willing to do it for Ra-el.

The K-drama trailers show Ra-el seducing Yoon-kyum and catching her attention. His 13-year plan is set in motion and he becomes addicted. Teaser scenes show him confiding in and feeling safe with her as he embarks on a public downward spiral. Ra-el’s revenge takes on greater effect as he is set to lose millions in a shocking divorce as he falls deeper in love.

Yoon-kyum’s character poster has her outfit of a blue rose, symbolizing unrelenting love. Her poster reads, “I will love you until the end. It doesn’t matter what I have to pay.

Lee Ra-el will do anything to avenge his family, even destroy one of the most powerful men

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Ra-el is a force to be reckoned with in the upcoming K-drama. As the main character of Eve, all eyes are on her as she puts her plan into action. Ever since the first poster and trailer, fans have become enthralled with the character. The character is cunning, handsome, and deadly in his own way.

She watched her family turn to ashes at the hands of Korea’s elite, with Yoon-kyum at the center. The trailer shows Ra-el using her beauty and dance moves to seduce her prey. Her poster shows her holding a red rose and the caption, “You want me so badly.”

The trailer hints at his fury in seeking justice, with Ra-el saying, “I’ll drag you all into the fires of hell that burned me.” But the question remains. How much is Ra-el willing to sacrifice for revenge, or did her path lead to love with Yoon-kyum or someone else?

Eve will premiere on May 25 at 10:30 p.m. KST and will be available to stream on Viki.

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