BritBox International Unveils List of British Dramas Launching in North America | New

The international version of BritBox has unveiled its slate of British shows coming to the US and Canada later in 2022 as it triples its investment in programming.

Reemah Sakaan

The BBC Studios and ITV-owned service is preparing to launch series such as Sherwood, Karen Pirie, Stonehouse, Suspect, The Curse and The Thief, His Wife & the Canoe in North America this year.

He recently came aboard ITV’s upcoming Cary Grant biopic, starring Jason Isaacs in the lead role, while he’s also been involved in new seasons of The Cleaner, Crime, Hope Street, The Responder, Sister Boniface, Grace , The Bay and Shetland.

He is also on board the six-episode ITV drama Three Little Birds, inspired by the stories of Sir Lenny Henry’s mother, Winifred, and Passenger, which is being produced for ITVX, ITV’s new streaming service.

Earlier this year, BritBox International announced that it would triple its investment in programming and double its marketing spend to expand its high quality offer. quality British storytelling.

BritBox International is separate from its British counterpart BritBox UK, which is now absorbed by ITVX, has a presence in the United States, Canada and Australia and has added South Africa, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland over the past 12 months.

“BritBox is the platinum standard for trusted British entertainment, the only streaming connoisseur who creates and curates this extraordinary level of storytelling. We attract the best British talent and creatives of all ages because they know what a truly loyal fanbase and targeted BritBox has built in the world,” said Reemah Sakaan, CEO of BritBox International, during her TCA presentation in New York.

“We know our audience and what they want, which results in projects that are compelling, entertaining and, overall, must-watch.”