The Drama League will welcome Tony Award winner and Drama League Distinguished Performance Award nominee André De Shields (Hadestown) and Tony Award and Drama nominee Denée Benton (The Great Comet of 1812, “The Gilded Age”) League Distinguished Performance Award. 2022 Drama League Awards Nomination Event on Monday, April 25, 2022Read More →

“Just think of two of my favorite sci-fi movies,” says Adams. “[Stanley] Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey” set the pattern for the films that followed, but the Russian version of “Solaris” suggested another path, an effort to shift the focus from technology to relationships, more like films such as “ScenesRead More →

It’s been 75 years since Blanche Dubois, broke and desperate, boarded that old rattle streetcar named Desire and changed American theater forever. The 1947 Broadway premiere of “A Streetcar Named Desire” had an immediate and lasting influence, a clash of romance and realism that introduced the world to iconic charactersRead More →

Gregor Samsa’s transformation horrifies his boss in MDI Drama’s adaptation of Franz Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis.” (Left to right) Eva Crikelair, Bryce MacGregor, Faye Durand (kneeling), Ly Dillon (crouching), and Rex DeMuro.PHOTO COURTESY OF CHRIS DOUGHERTY BAR HARBOR — Mount Desert Island High School Drama will perform a one-act adaptation ofRead More →

After months of inactivity, amateur theater is making a comeback. All along The Avondhu watershed, the places are once again hosting a variety of productions. Things are particularly lively at Ballyduff Upper – the setting for the 40th edition of the West Waterford Drama Festival. Speaking at the opening nightRead More →

ITV viewers were captivated by the first episode of Our House at the start of the new thriller. The series follows estranged couple Fi (played by Tuppence Middleton) and Bram (Martin Compston) who still own their family home together. However, the second installment of the drama left some fans frustratedRead More →

Who is Sasha Gillies-Lekakis, Stan Grant Q and Ukrainian drama explained: Recently, Sasha Gillies Lekakis was trending on social media. It has become a hot topic these days. He was expelled from the Q+A studio for advocating violence and asking a pro-Russian question. Q&A host Stan Grant kicked pro-Russian audienceRead More →

The latest episode of ITV’s No Return aired last night, with viewers finally learning whether Noah (Louis George Serkis) will be fired after being accused of sexually assaulting another holidaymaker. After three incredibly tense episodes, the judge in Noah’s case delivered his final thoughts, saying Noah’s sexual encounter with 15-year-oldRead More →

Kim Hye-soo as Sim Eun-seok in Juvenile Justice. (Picture: Netflix) Actors: Kim Hye-soo, Kim Moo-yeol, Lee Sung-minLanguage: Korean with various subtitles This review covers the first two episodes of Juvenile Justice. Juvenile Justice follows the story of an elite judge Sim Eun-seok (Kim Hye-soo), who hates juvenile offenders but isRead More →

old monk Kannada (Theatres) Cast: MG Srinivas, Aditi Prabhudeva, Sujay Shastry, S Narayan, Sudev Nair Director: MG Srinivas Rating: 3.5/5 After ‘Birbal Trilogy Case 1: Finding Vajramuni (2019)’ MG Srinivas aka Srini not only delivers a stunning product, but also bravely challenges the traditional formula for movie success. It throwsRead More →

For the information presented in this story, Tide staff interviewed 11 directors, crew members, actors, teachers, and theater committee members. Following backlash over the use of Nazi iconography in the spring production of “The Sound of Music,” former theater director Laura Andruski quit her job on Monday, February 7. AfterRead More →

Filming has started in Belfast on Blue Lights, a six-part original drama for BBC One and BBC iPlayer, from the writers of The Salisbury Poisonings. Created and written by Declan Lawn and Adam Patterson and directed by Gilles Bannier (Trigger Point, Tin Star, Spiral), Blue Lights follows three rookie policeRead More →

The single person Episode 6 airs on Valentine’s Day – isn’t that perfect for a show like this? In theory, of course, but we know the episode starts with a date. In other words, the least romantic thing ever. We tend to think we’ll be saying goodbye to Shanae then,Read More →

Raising Dion, the Netflix superhero drama, returns for season 2 on February 8, 2022 Raising Dion, the Netflix superhero drama, returned for Season 2 on February 8, 2022. The series follows a widowed single mother whose son begins to display superpowers – the same superpowers his father had. Register toRead More →

Trigger Point returned for its second episode on Sunday January 30 and captivated ITV viewers with more biting action. The high-octane thriller starring Line of Duty’s Vicky McClure “shines the spotlight on counter-terrorism policing and the extraordinary work of the Metropolitan Police Bomb Disposal Squad.” It follows Lana Washington, playedRead More →

Ultimately, what could have been an interesting character study surrounding Neil’s behavior lands with a thump in Franco’s latest. Writer-director Michel Franco’s Sleep follows a similar trajectory to his earlier films, observing dysfunctional families and integrating Mexico’s socio-economic politics into the narrative. Sleep seems to indicate that audiences should simplyRead More →

Popular h3h3Productions YouTube creator Ethan Klein and Twitch streamer and OTK co-owner Asmongold have shared their take on the current Pokimane issue. Klein focused on why JiDion launched the hate raid on Imane “Pokimane” Anys, while Asmongold commented on Ninja’s involvement. Many content creators have already given their opinion onRead More →