Channel 5’s The Holiday viewers make final request as ‘absurd’ drama ‘killing actors’ careers’

Viewers of Channel 5’s The Holiday were left “disappointed” after the new drama proved “boring” despite promising a gripping thriller.

The new drama sees four families reunite for a luxury vacation abroad only for dark secrets to emerge with fatal consequences.

The cast boasts a roster of familiar faces, including former Strictly winner Jill Halfpenny and Killing Eve star Owen McDonnell.

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During tonight’s episode, viewers were able to dig deeper into Kate and Sean’s awkward marriage after discovering posts that he was having an affair with one of his friends.

Kate then interviewed her teenage daughter Lucy after she found a positive pregnancy test in the downstairs bathroom of their villa.

Channel 5 Cast The Holiday

But it seems the twists didn’t grab Pepole and despite all the drama going on, viewers were far from impressed with the new thriller Chanel 5 and couldn’t help but laugh at the drama as they claimed that the comments section on Twitter provided more drama than spectacle.

Former Strictly winner Jill Halfpenny stars as Kate in Channel 5’s The Holiday

And it seems @deanobeanos knew what YorkshireLive was thinking as we watched, as he shrewdly tweeted: ‘Wonder how long until a news article is written about everyone here complaining about #TheHoliday’

Not long, Deano. Others joined the dogpile and one fan called for the show to end in hopes that the final part, which was due to air on Friday, could save the show.

@Silky65558270 tweeted: “Normally a big fan of UK dramas but #TheHoliday on #Channel5 sucks my life. Too slow & long. #Disappointed.”

Yousaf said: “Part 4 better be an amazing conclusion. I’m a big fan of @halfpennyjill and she deserves better than that. Her acting is the best part. #TheHoliday seems so scattered in terms of plot. In other areas. And completely unrealistic to some extent”

@deanobeanos joked, “Wonder how long before a news article is written about everyone here complaining about #TheHoliday.”

@TonyF90783282 wrote, “A reminder that at 9:00 p.m. tomorrow night there will be a moment of silence for the acting careers who died during the filming of The Holiday.”

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@EyesWatchin said: “The announcer just said tomorrow’s conclusion will be ‘exciting’. I don’t believe it #TheHoliday.

@ALMORAH commented, “All those comments, we could all put them together and make a better drama series than this nonsense! #The Vacation.”

@codsallsi wrote: “Sheridan Smith had a better holiday than this lot and his son was jailed for sexual abuse.”

While @xCountMeInx added: “The best thing about this episode was that ending music. Loved #theholiday.

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