Chelsea Vaughn on ‘Bachelor’ Edit, Katie Thurston Drama

The Bachelor the tea is hot! Bachelor in Paradise alum Chelsea Vaughn reversed exclusively to Way of life editing secrets, details about his previous drama with Bachelorette alum Katie Thurstonpreview of the new Beep cast and more. Keep reading for her biggest developer bombs!

The Bachelor’s shoot was ‘intense’

Although Chelsea, 29, says she ‘can’t complain’ about the modification she received during her time on matt james‘, she admits that filming was a “really intense experience”.

“Just as a fan of the show, like obviously, I’m aware that it’s not completely and totally exactly how she appears when it airs,” she says, noting that she’s realized she “don’t knew nothing” once arrived at the mansion. “But I think once you’re actually in there, you realize like, ‘Whoa, like, this is even more intense than I thought,’ because you’re isolated from your phone, from your family and your friends.”

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The New York resident points out that the “intense environment” is why people can “fall in love so quickly”.

“Going through everything with these people and they’re the only people you have,” she says of the experience. “I feel like that part was a really big shock to me because it’s like you come in and you’re like, ‘Nobody understands. It’s not like the real world. Like, that’s why we’re all so close.

However, it was a “challenge” for the influencer to dig deep into her emotions day in and day out during The single person and Bachelor in Paradise.

“I’m not someone who likes to talk about her feelings. Like no one would ever be like, ‘Oh, Chelsea is, she wears her heart on her sleeve.’ Like it wasn’t me at all,” the Nike model admits. “So having to talk about my feelings every day, all day was a really tough challenge for me.

Overall, she thought her personality was able to shine, despite the difficulties that come with filming. “My real friends who I’ve been friends with since college watched it and they were like, ‘Oh, you know, you didn’t seem any different. You are exactly what we know you are, ”she divulges. “So, I love that.”

It was a ‘surprise’ Katie Thurston was cast in the Bachelorette role

“Just like as a viewer…you think somebody who’s been to their hometown or likes the top three or something they’re going to choose from those people. So yeah, I think it was surprising to everyone,” said Chelsea, adding that the series seemed to have a “formula” when it came to the choice of leads. “The fact that they chose her and Michelle [Young] … They did crazy things. Now there are two Bachelorettes. Like, it’s wild.

Chelsea and Katie had previously had tension during The single personbut the Cameo star says it’s all “water under the bridge.”

“Honestly, I feel like the fans and Bachelor Nation were more upset than her and me,” Chelsea said. “It was kind of more like, some of the choices she made on the show, are not things I would have done.”

Bachelorette Katie has a 'tense confrontation' with Greg on 'ATFR'
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The Season 25 alum says she and Katie “FaceTimed” after the women say it all and were able to “chop it all up”.

“We are both two different adult women. Like there were 30 something women there. We’re not all going to be like best friends and that’s cool,” she explains, adding that they’re “friendly” but don’t talk. “I don’t have a problem with her. It’s like sometimes some people just don’t like being your best friends.

Chelsea Vaughn on 'Bachelor' Edit, Katie Thurston Drama
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Aaron Clancy is ‘entertaining’ on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

Chelsea admits it’s ‘interesting’ Aaron Clancyher ex from season 7, would be on the new season of Bachelor in Paradisebut she thinks he may have real intentions on the beach.

“Just going on a date with Aaron and having real conversations with him, I feel like he really wants to find someone,” Chelsea said. “I don’t know if that’s how it is Heaven for. I don’t know if he just wants to have more fun with his boy james [Bonsall] or like anything… I hope he finds it because I think deep down he wants it.

The catwalk queen jokes: “Hey, say what you want about Aaron, but the man is entertaining and he’s good TV.”

Her feelings for Ivan Hall are ‘gone’

During season 7, Chelsea were involved in a love triangle with Aaron and Ivan Roombut all sorts of romantic feelings have since fizzled out.

“I almost feel like after it’s all said and done – like the moment we see each other or the moment it airs – when it feels very fresh to the audience, it’s such old news for us,” admits Chelsea. “It’s like it’s not even a big deal anymore… There’s only water under the bridges. It’s perfect. The emotions are long gone.

Which Bachelor Nation couples are in it for the long haul?

Chelsea gushes Noah Erb and Abigail Heringerthe “strong” relationship of after the couple met on season 7 of Heaven.

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“I’ve just seen this relationship up close and personal. So, I don’t know if they’re ready to get engaged anytime soon, but I think they’re going the distance,” she says of their “incredible” dynamics.

Georgia native predicts Mari Pepin and Kenny Braaschwho got engaged Beepwill be the next Bachelor Nation couple to wed.

“I just feel like they’re so solid. Even on the beach, I feel like we could all see that… Like, they go,” she recalled. make it happen.”

As for Serena Pit and Joe Amabilewho also got engaged on the beach in Mexico, they’re “in no rush to tie the knot anytime soon,” says Chelsea, teasing that they’re aiming to walk down the aisle in “late 2023.”

Additionally, Chelsea adds that Pieper James and Brendan Morais are still together, despite “all the odds against them,” and Matt James and Rachel Kirkconnell it looks like they are “thriving”.