Comedy ‘Bhaag Avanti Bhaag’ Captivates Drama Festival Audience

A play ‘Bhaag Avanti Bhaag’ was staged at Ravindra Bhavan here on Sunday marking the final day of the Urdu Drama Festival.

Directed by Rajeev Verma, the play was performed by artists from the Bhopal Theater Group. The play is adapted from a Marathi comedy with Hindi translation and conceptualization by Praveen Muhavale. Reeta Verma was considered the mother of the protagonist, and Praveen tried out for the role of her father.

In a society where parents view their daughter’s marriage as a status symbol, these parents have allowed their daughter to leave traditions behind and run away.

The play revolves around a middle-class family and the hardships that middle-class families go through. Through different scenes and situations, the play was beautifully staged at Ravindra Bhavan. The coin was highly praised by the Bhopalites.

Adding a dash of comedy, the play wonderfully presented the situation of a middle-class family. If a member of a middle-class family suffers from a disease, the deposited amount which is earned by working hard throughout life is taken in the treatment.

The problems increase even when the girl is ready for marriage and there is no money to marry her off. Then what happens next shaped the rest of the story, which made the situations worse and comical. In this situation, the parents think that if the girl runs away with someone, they will be spared the expense of the wedding.

The extremely energetic performances of the artists made the piece interesting. Also, the use of backdrop and mature direction by Rajeev Verma was also commendable.

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