Community drama re-enactment well received by audiences

The “Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus,” performed Aug. 6 and 7 outside Reverend Jeanette Pack’s exterior converted home, was well received by the audience of 50 each night. Written and narrated by Reverend Jeanette, attendees were a combination of community members and friends from as far away as Branson, Mo.

Roman soldiers Mike Davis, Mike Munoz and Chuck Ray led Christ, played by Marvin Hung, to be crucified, where Theresa Brockman of Lee’s Summit, Mary the mother of Jesus, wept at the cross.Virgin Mary and her baby were Emily and Wayon Simmons providing the backstory. Liberty’s Sue Blanke, assistant coordinator, joined crown stage participants Reba Carter, Lucinda Doyle, Jackie Perkins and Erica Schreiber. Marshall’s Reverend Tamra Bolden and friends teased Wand Poe, Jane Ray and Renee Simmons. Starla Jacob, the beautiful angel, introduced the risen Lord.

The Risen Lord Jesus, played by Branson’s Levi Silkwood, wore more than one hat, like many in the production. Levi arrived a few days early to work on the outdoor set with local volunteers. Levi’s history with ministry work began at age 8 when he was cast as a member of a Drama Pack.

Branson’s light operator Christy Gibson, sound operators Sean and Mia Silkwood, and Randy Heinz were the stage and special effects crew. The innovative approach to costumes combined period and contemporary ensembles representing the timeless message of salvation.

Bottled water was provided to the public by Judy Beatt and Lou Garret. Joe Davis and Ronnie Simmons parking lots served. Jane and Chuck Ray of Lee’s Summit helped support the production.

No voluntary offerings were taken or suggested; the event was free to reach people for Christ.

Eighty-one-year-old Reverend Jeanette Pack, widow of Reverend Aaron Pack, although she can no longer travel, has decided to continue her ministry work of over 60 years – 45 of those years involving drama which she wrote and presented in seven different states. Pack says she has been blessed with the help of family and friends to continue serving. The author of 10 dramas, she looks forward to providing future dramatizations for the Marshall community.