Confusion, drama as elderly man taken to morgue while still alive, video footage shocks many

  • An elderly Chinese man was nearly admitted to the morgue after he was mistakenly pronounced dead
  • The man, wrapped in a body bag, was in a hearse and workers were surprised to find he was still alive when they lowered his body
  • Internet users were upset as many pointed out that the man could have been buried or cremated had he not been discovered alive

An elderly Shanghai resident has been mistakenly pronounced dead and taken to the morgue in a body bag in the latest sign of dysfunction in the Covid-stricken city where millions remain under government-imposed lockdown.

An old man taken to the morgue while still alive. Photo credit: @cnn.
Source: Instagram

A man declared dead by mistake

CNN reporting This video footage, shot by a bystander, shows the moment several workers clad head-to-toe in protective gear back away when they realize the man is still alive.

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The clip has since gone viral on Chinese social media, sparking horror and outrage.

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The video, posted on Sunday, shows the man’s head sticking out of the yellow body bag as workers lift him from a vehicle.

The person filming videoapparently from a nearby building, can be heard saying:

“The nursing home is such a mess. They sent a living person on a hearse and said they were dead. The funeral staff said they were still moving. It’s irresponsible, really irresponsible. “

Watch the video shared by CNN below:

Internet users outraged

chris_solar1 said:

“It’s ridiculous, they should have checked their pulse properly, maybe they just survived the coma.”

@mohsengholami50 commented:

“Where is the humanity?!”

@queenschamber121 reacted:

“They should have kept shooting the video! I want to know what they did with him.”

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@shea.el.11 said:

“The betting staff was freaking out.”

@virginiawrightx reacted:

“That’s terrible. Imagine that person was a member of your family.”

@bashthevo commented:

“But I’m not dead…see here! He says he’s not dead.”

Man prepares, plans his own funeral

In a related story, reported that a man planned his funeral before he died, saying he didn’t want to be a burden on anyone.

The man named Leo said he planned his own burial as the cost is usually a huge burden on the villagers in his place.

The man, married to nine wives, bought drinks, a coffin and everything that would be needed for the burial.