Control Z (Season 3): Spanish teen drama show renewed for third season but canceled for fourth

Spanish teen drama series Control Z acclaimed in Mexico will end in July 2022 with the release of the third season. Moreover, Netflix declared this season the last spin-off of the Spanish show. There are many names behind the creation of the series like Carlos Quintanilla Sakar, Adriana Pelusi and Miguel Garcia Moreno. This show first debuted on Netflix just two years ago in May 2020.

28and April 2022, Netflix Latin American account gave a release date of the last season and said an estimated date, 6and July 2022.

They also gave a lot of information that gives a glimpse of what will happen in Season 3:


“Immediately after Susana’s accidental death, the band makes a pact to keep their involvement a secret and never talk about it again. 15 months later, the band are on the verge of graduating and realizing their dreams. All is well. good for them until @todostussecretos reactivates and threatens to take away what they love the most: their bright, bright future. Once again, it’s up to Sofia to find out who’s behind this new threat before let it not be too late.

They also confirmed that we will see the return of cast Ana Valeria Becerril, Ana Sofia Gatica, Michael Ronda, Andres Baida, Macarena Garcia, Rodrigo Cachero and Patricio Gallardo.

Control Z (Season 4): Renewal Status

Netflix already confirms that season 3 will be the last and final season. Netflix stated this in their preview of the latest Latin American shows where they just stated:

“We also have new seasons of fan-favorite series like Mexican productions Rebelde (Season 2), Daughter From Another Mother (Season 3), Control Z and Who Killed Sara?, (third and final seasons for both), as well such as the Argentinian productions El Reino (season 2 to come) and El Marginal (season 5).

Control Z Season 3: Renewed?  Will Susana survive?  Know the release date and plot details

Netflix has given no reason why the show won’t be renewed for the fourth season. Be aware that the shows on Netflix are now struggling to continue past the third season and it could be that as they have been rated, the third season brings a good time to call it a day.

It should be noted that the first season received a “detedoc” with the announcement that season 1 was viewed by over 20.5 million people in the first 28 days alone. Since the arrival of season 2, we haven’t gotten much data, but we have seen that the series has performed across the world in the top 10.

control z season 2 performance netflix

We’ve shared a map below and you can also see the show doing naturally well in Mexico, but also struggling to maintain its chart position in the top 10 in Latin America.

Control Z is not just a series in Spanish that will end in 2022.

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