Crave Original’s Drama Series A Criminal Affair to Debut March 23 | Cohen Confidential with Mike Cohen

The new drama series Crave Original in eight episodes Une A Criminal Affair premieres on Wed. March 23 in French, with English subtitles.

Written by Joanne Arseneau and directed by Stéphane Lapointe, the show stars Céline Bonnier as Catherine Godin, a mother who has been trying to clear her son of a murder charge for 15 years. The series also follows major crimes investigator, Benoît “Bing” Inglis (Louis-Philippe Dandeneault), who always suspected that someone close to him was involved in the case, but kept quiet.

Besides Bonnier and Dandeneault, the cast includes Marie Turgeon, Victor Andres Trelles Turgeon, Raymond Bouchard, Marc Messier, Anglesh Major, Bobby Beshro, Pier Paquette, Pascale Desrochers, Stéphane Demers, Roger Léger, Madeleine Péloquin, Gilles Renaud, Marcel Leboeuf, Fred Eric Salvail, Kevin Houle, Lise Roy and Maxime-Olivier Potvin.

Marc Messier plays a retired cop.

It was great for me to have the chance to chat with Dandenault on Zoom. I have followed his career for many years, notably in the hit television series Roll and count. It revolved around the fictional Quebec Nationals hockey team, modeled after the former Nordiques. He played Francis Gagnon, son of team coach and Nationals legend Marc Gagnon. The latter role was played by Messier, who ironically teams up with him in this new series.

“Marc plays a retired cop in this series,” Dandenault told me. “It was great to work with him again.”

Dandenault loved his passage on Lance et Compte. His younger brother, Mathieu Dandenault, had a brilliant career in the NHL, notably with the Canadiens. “Thanks to Lance and Account, I felt like an NHL player,” he recalls. “I was in for seven seasons, plus the movie they made.”

Dandenault has a message for screenwriter Réjean Tremblay. “I pushed hard for one more time,” he said.

In A criminal case, the fates of Catherine Godin and Inglis intertwine when they are questioned by agents from the Independent Investigation Bureau about the events that have occurred in Saint-Bruno over the past 15 years. While Catherine fights to clear her son, accused of a murder he would never have committed, Bing, who has always been in love with her, seems to protect someone close to him who could have been involved in the case. .

Dandenault hopes there will also be a good audience for the English version. “For those who don’t understand French, most people watching TV these days are comfortable with subtitled shows,” he said.