Dirty Airbnb hot tub spark refund, host drama

This week, a TikToker sparked controversy after posting multiple videos depicting an Airbnb horror story and refund scandal, alleging a vacation rental she stayed in had an unsanitary hot tub and other conditions. dangerous.

The video series, which has garnered over 300,000 views, was posted by travel vlogger Nicole (@nj7986). TikToker videos describe a weekend gone wrong at an alleged Airbnb vacation rental home.

The TikToker shows images and describes many annoying and dangerous things that went wrong with the rental: a safe that didn’t work properly, a safe and incorrect Wi-Fi access codes, a window unit air conditioner taped on, no exterior lights, a grill that ran out of propane, see-through windows in the bathroom, towel racks and toilet paper holders falling off the walls and a large laundry room door falling off of its hinges.

In a video posted yesterday, the TikToker describes the worst part of renting: the dirty hot tub.

“The cover is broken, there is rain coming in, it is overflowing, the water has a green tint, there are branches and tons of earth at the bottom. We found chlorine test strips and made one. There was no chlorine which meant it was unsanitary. It was a health hazard,” the TikToker explains in the video.

The TikToker said she messaged the Airbnb host with photos of the unsafe conditions, and he got “defensive” and told her to clean the hot tub with chemicals if she wanted to. Other messages she sent him were ignored, so she decided to go through Airbnb’s resolution center to request a refund.

The TikToker’s refund request was reportedly denied by the host, although the TikToker claims the host offered him a $100 bribe for not leaving a negative review.

“Still waiting to hear from @airbnb about this support case,” the TikToker commented below the video.

Airbnb is an online marketplace where hosts can rent out their properties to people traveling or on vacation. According to his website, Airbnb recommends that guests unhappy with their stay first message their host to try to resolve the issues or request a refund. If an agreement between host and guest is not reached within 72 hours, guests and hosts can ask Airbnb to intervene by submitting a request through its online service. Resolution Center.

Users in the comments section of the viral TikTok were outraged by the ‘disgusting’ hot tub.

“This host is horrible, let them swim in it. Hot tubs are no joke, my child had a serious skin infection from a hot tub that was not properly chlorinated,” one user warned.

According to the Center for Disease Control websitepoorly maintained hot tubs with low chlorine levels can cause rashes and blisters.

Many users in the comments section argued that the TikToker should receive a full refund for their stay.

“You need a full refund. I received one when we stayed at a junkyard advertised otherwise,” someone commented.

“We stayed here for 3 nights so don’t expect a full refund but at least 50%,” the TikToker replied to the comment.

Others took pictures of Airbnb as a global company.

“That’s why I’m walking away from Airbnbs,” one user complained.

“Airbnb is hurting the housing market. Use hotels,” another insisted.

Airbnb has come under criticism in recent years, with many people and organizations like the Economic Policy Institute arguing that there is an overall negative impact of short-term rentals on local housing prices and communities.

On the side of short-term rental customers, some tourists have complained of ICT Tac on unwanted rentals and urged Airbnb to implement a stricter verification process for Airbnb hosts.

The Daily Dot contacted Airbnb for a comment via email and user @nj7986 in the comments section of their viral TikTok.

*First published: April 19, 2022, 1:34 p.m. CDT

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Grace Stanley