Drama as kidnapper rejects 200,000 Naira ransom share and reports gang to police

A confessed kidnapper in Adamawa State, Sadu Bunkawu, rejected a 200,000 Naira share of a 12 million Naira ransom and reported his gang mates to the police.

Describing his part as the product of a high level of injustice, Bunkawu said he expects the police to correct the injustice.

Alleging that the other six members of the kidnapping gang conspired and gave him 200,000 naira just out of the whopping 12 million naira they collected as ransom, Bunkawu, 28, from Filingo village in the Jada Local Government Area, Adamawa State, said he could not happily collect such a share.

According to daily post, the abductor revealed that the ransom of 12 million naira was paid to them when they abducted Umaru Diffiwa and Umaru Babidi from the same community and expressed regret that the operation was indeed wrong for him as even the 200 000 naira he had collected got lost on his way home.

“I lost my share of the money rushing to get home in time,” Bunkawu said.

“The money was paid to seven of us by the family members of the victims. After releasing them, I was called and given only 200,000 naira,” he explained.

Sadu Bunkawu is currently being tried by the police in Yola Chief Magistrate Court for criminal association and kidnapping.

When the contents of the first information report were read to him and interpreted in court, he pleaded guilty.

After the plea, the police prosecutor asked the court to adjourn the case to allow him to complete the investigation and take the case to the prosecution for legal advice.

The judge, Muhammad Abdullahi, responded by adjourning the case to next month on April 4.