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Drama of a crisis

We all know that the price of fuel has increased exponentially over the past few months.

But it appears the Sunday Times has overstated how much the costs have risen.

Blick Rothenberg’s tax partner, Heather Self, pointed out the error on Twitter, saying: “OK @thesundaytimes – I know oil prices are rising fast, but those prices should be in pence per litre, not £!

“The idea of ​​1,000 liters of oil costing £156,510 is really tantalizing.”

We owe you, Heather.

Animated response

As head of financial services at The Openwork Partnership, it’s no surprise that Setul Mehta is very proud of his nine-year-old daughter for choosing “insurance” as the word for “I” in the A to Z game for children of Pizza Express.

He took to Twitter with the hashtag ‘#RO5Ready’.

In response, life insurance expert Andrew Wibberley suggested he was more interested in what Mehta’s daughter had come up with for the letter ‘T’.

“You are right,” Mehta said. “But we chose to skip this conversation!”

Out of context

‘God, that worried me for a while. I imagined a name change with the rebrand – PHNX, maybe? God forbid. A dyslexic provider is more than enough’

Regular commentator Harry Katz is relieved Phoenix isn’t following in Abrdn’s footsteps.

‘I just replied to a customer with “Super steep” rather than “Super stuff”! Everyone loves a compliment, huh?

A clumsy slip of the keys from financial planner Simon Welch.

‘I wrote a song on a tortilla. Well, actually, it’s more of a wrap…’

HK Wealth owner Garry Hale tells the ultimate dad joke.

‘No uniform day at school. All the children insist on what to wear and discuss among themselves to make sure that they are all wearing similar clothes and that they “fit in”. A bit like a uniform, then. Excellent’

Mercer partner Mike Harrison points out the irony of wanting to fit in on a day out of uniform.

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