Emmerdale’s Lisa Riley’s Real Low-key Wedding Plans After Mandy Dingle Drama

Emmerdale’s Lisa Riley plays the beloved but incredibly dramatic Mandy Dingle.

As viewers know, Dingle weddings are known to be littered with a lot of drama and excitement.

Mandy was also struck by tragedy, as she learned the truth about ex-partner Paul’s abusive behavior on their wedding day and Paul actually died on the big day.

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As Mandy wore an unusual leopard print dress and pink veil for her wedding, it’s no surprise Lisa says it’s not something for her.

In place, according to the mirrorLisa wants her real wedding to be a low-key ceremony overseas.

Mandy Dingle’s wedding day was filled with heartache and heartbreak

She is known to be quiet about her true love, who is only known as Al and is a musician.

She never revealed her last name and rarely shared photos of the couple together.

The 45-year-old said: “Even though I was raised Catholic and my family would want this big traditional wedding, I want it to be very simple and unique.

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“Something where you go, do it, say your vows. Paint your own picture, your own fairy tale… that’s what I want to do.”

Speaking about the dress code and her experience with Mandy, she says, “There was never an article [of hers] I would dream of wearing.

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“I want something very simple and super feminine – not girly, but structured. Something in a creme au caramel.

When she spoke with the Mirror, she admitted the day would be tinged with sadness.

Lisa’s doting mother, Cath, died of cancer in 2012, aged 58.

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