EORTV’s gay Romani drama series Pankhirya Udi Udi is streaming live now!

February 28, 2022: EORTV, India’s leading LGBTQ-focused platform, released its fourth original titled Pankhriya Udi Udi, a drama series on its platform. The series will have 8 episodes starring Kavita Banerjee and Snower Sania as the protagonists opposite each other. The series aims to normalize same-sex relationships and takes a raw visual approach to conveying the true romantic love of two women. The series is directed by Deepak Pandey and produced by Dreamzz Images Studio.

The story revolves around the journey of these two great ladies and how they fight for what life has in store for them. When playful and playful Arya played by Snower Sania is discovered with a fatal illness, she wants her girlfriend Pankhi played by Kavita Banerjee to find a new partner.

Deepak Pandey, Series Director, said, “Ours is a platform that believes in equality and inclusion. Pankhirya Udi Udi is a beautiful story with our philosophy at the heart of it. The story is about highlighting five key aspects of life, hope, love, sacrifice, the value of emotions, and the meaning of life. My vision is to inspire audiences with the series and bring out the positive side of life instead of focusing on the dark. I am hopeful that my viewers will connect with the series and lead their lives towards happiness, support each other and usher in gender equality. Pankhirya stands out differently because it inspires viewers to find that silver lining in the darkest clouds”.

Speaking about the series, lead actor Snower Sania said, “I deeply resonated with the power and message of the script. It is imbued with so many facets of emotions; insecurities delivered with a refreshing and uplifting perspective. The narrative is constantly evolving; awakening; simmering our thought process culminating in a final transformation. This was all possible thanks to the intriguing vision of Deepak sir who tastefully planted so many hidden gems throughout the season with well-crafted twists and a hint of purposeful pattern to keep “love and purity” as essence and not mundane “facade of lesbian romance. Audiences will experience a roller coaster of emotions; ups and downs; but also, a level of satisfaction in how the story unfolds”.

Lead actor Kavita Banerjee added, “It’s a poignant portrayal of a beautiful love story; and as a performer, it really tested my imagination and challenged my skills. I found the treatment of the story very authentic that anyone who is in love or has ever been in love will relate to, with the emphasis on a ‘love story’ rather than a ‘lesbian love story’ – it it’s time we moved beyond the clichés. By the time we’re talking about a story involving a same-sex relationship, it either ends up objectifying the characters or sort of overstating it. Luckily, Deepak sir’s take on the story is a much needed new take! “

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