‘Euphoria’ Loses Barbie Ferreira After Alleged Season 2 Drama

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Barbie Ferreira officially announced via Instagram that she is parting ways with the hit HBO series Euphoria writing:

“After four years of portraying Kat’s most special and enigmatic character, I have to say goodbye with tears in my eyes. I hope many of you were able to see yourself in her like me and that she brought you joy to see her journey to the character she is today. i put all my care and love into her and i hope you can feel it. i love you katherine hernandez”

Although Ferreira’s departure doesn’t exactly come as a shock given the long-standing confrontation with the creator, Sam Levinson, and Kat’s sad excuse for a script in the show’s second season, viewers seem to experience an even more tearful goodbye.

“Sam Levinson slept on Barbie Ferreira’s talent and he will 100% regret it when she becomes a big star.” wrote an user.

“I’m sorry but Kat is one of the best euphoria characters…Barbie Ferreira deserved better,” wrote another.

Just after the premiere of season two, Ferreira in particular Told The cup that her character “secretly goes through a lot of existential crises” and that her trajectory was more “internal and a bit mysterious to the audience”.

Unfortunately, that explanation seemed to be code for an almost non-existent subplot – an exceptionally disappointing reveal given that, since the show premiered in 2019, fans have praised Kat as a symbol of body positivity and shade representation women reaching adulthood.

You know what they say about spaces that no longer serve you…

Sanela Diana JenkinsThe obscenely rich and lip-licking supervillain of the The Real Housewives of Beverly Hillshas been involved in many setbacks despite the fact that, apart from a not so little rumor which involves her as a madam in an international sex ring – she’s arguably the franchise’s most annoying new addition since Lucy Lucy apple juice. In one poorly executed diversion like this, she’s been mired in one controversy after another, and while many of them are just cause for eye-rolling, Bravo fans are currently outraged after the teenager son of Jenkins co-star and fan favorite, Garcelle Beauvaiswas relentlessly harassed and threatened in a targeted bot campaign similar to that of Amber Heard.

If you’re not a regular viewer, you probably don’t know that the friction between Beauvais and Jenkins was big enough for its own subplot and prompted calls for the latter to be removed for months. After a Spit Instagram with Kristen “Philly Diva” Dionneblack content creator and commentator Bravo, Beauvais, the first and only full-time black cast member beverly hills franchise, ventilated to Andy Cohen on Watch what’s happening live that Jenkins was “crazy” and “uneducated”. Jenkins then retaliated on Instagram, boasting of having given “several million” to Haiti, the country of origin of Beauvais.

In response to more recent episodes, namely, where teammate, Erika Girardi, drunkenly told Beauvais’ young son, Jax, of “shut uponly to be defended by half the housewives—Jenkins has repeatedly caught on instagram go to war in Beauvais: “Life is long and I play a long game. It’s not the face of someone who will get pushed around. Already! Game on B*%H*!”

“Come on trolls,” she continued. write, after claiming Beauvais was unmoved by her recent miscarriage on the show, yet so beloved by viewers she could get away with anything. “Do your best.”

In the end, the “worst” was an online bullying attack directed at a child, so vicious and openly racist that even Bravo just posted a statement:

“We are shocked and appalled by the social comments directed at Garcelle’s son. We urge our viewers and social media followers to refrain from targeting our actors and their families with harmful rhetoric.

An example of such harmful rhetoric: “You’d be knee-deep if it wasn’t for your white daddy, [Michael Nilon]. Tell your mom to leave Diana alone or you’ll take care of us,” one user wrote.

As if all of this wasn’t already deeply concerning, Bravo’s detective and commentary community has shared evidence that the individual accounts were, in fact, bots. The daily beast also reported that many of them used similar language to support Jenkins, Girardi and teammate Lisa Rinna, but there was no confirmation as to who might have sanctioned the campaign.

While Beauvais and allied actors sentenced attacks, Jenkins remained mum until last night, when she simply reposted a screenshot of Bravo’s statement and, unsurprisingly, turned off his comments.

This is going to be one hell of a reunion recording…

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