Every Studio Dragon K-Drama Series on Netflix in 2022

Studio Dragon, one of South Korea’s most prolific television studios, has been responsible for dozens of your favorite K-Dramas on Netflix. With over 50 Studio Dragon shows available to stream on Netflix in 2022, subscribers are spoiled for choice.

In November 2019, Netflix signed a lucrative three-year deal with Studio Dragon that would see the South Korean studio produce original content to be distributed by Netflix worldwide. Netflix also received distribution rights to other select Studio Dragon titles not produced under the partnership.

With over 50 dramas now available to stream, suffice it to say that Studio Dragon’s deal with Netflix has been one of the most lucrative in the streaming service’s history.

Before we get to the full list, we first picked our three favorite Studio Dragon K-Dramas on Netflix:

Kingdom NOT

Seasons: 2 | Episodes: 12
Kind: Historical, Horror | Duration: 51 minutes
To throw: Joo Ji Hoon, Ryu Seung Ryong, Bae Doo Na, Kim Sung Gyu, Kim Chan Yi

There was no better series to debut as South Korea’s first Netflix Original than Kingdom. Following the critical success of Train to Busan, some of the best zombie movies and TV shows released come from South Korea. Traveling back in time to the Joseon period of Korean history, Kingdom has everything you would want in a horror series. Thanks to impressive acting, a great story, absolutely amazing cinematography, and some truly dedicated zombie extras, Kingdom remains one of the best K-dramas on Netflix, and easily Studio Dragon’s best.

Exiled from court, Crown Prince Lee becomes Korea’s hope when a mysterious plague begins to turn the population into hordes of flesh-eating undead.

Chronicles of Arthdal NOT

Seasons: 1 | Episodes: 18
Kind: Fantastic, Romantic | Duration: 80 minutes
To throw: Joong-Ki Song, Ji-Won Kim, Dong-Gun Jang, Ok-bin Kim, Sa-Bong Yoon

Chronicles of Arthdal is poised to fall into the top 50 cable drama of all time in South Korea, but that doesn’t take away from the incredible series. One of the best fantasy shows to come out of South Korea, Chronicles of Arthdal is another proud example of how far Korean television has come over the past twenty years.

In the mythical land of Arth, during ancient times, a power struggle ensues in the city of Arthdal. Eun-Sum, a young man born in the Blue Stone Village, must overcome his curse that would bring destruction to the city of Arthdal. Meanwhile, Arthdal’s war hero Ta-Gon dreams of becoming Arthdal’s first king. After winning many wars during his illustrious career, Ta-Gon has established himself as the most powerful man in the land.

Crash landing on you NOT

Seasons: 1 | Episodes: 16
Kind: Comedy, Romance | Duration: 70 minutes
To throw: Hyun Bin, Ye-jin Son, Ji-hye Seo, Jung-hyun Kim, Kyung-Won Yang

When it comes to ratings, Studio Dragon’s most successful cable drama series is the wonderful Crash landing on you. Currently third in the rankings, the drama’s highest-rated episode was watched by more than a fifth of all of South Korea’s 51.78 million people.

Beautiful fashion heiress Yoon Se-ri crashes in North Korea after being blown away by a windstorm on her paraglider. As she crashes from the tree, she lands on North Korean military officer, Lee Jung-hyeok. Although he is a principled and uncompromising man, Lee Jung-hyeok decides to help Yoon Se-ri and hides her from the North Korean authorities. As the pair learn more and more about each other and grow closer, it doesn’t take long before the pair begin to fall in love.

Full List of Studio Dragon K-Dramas on Netflix

Below is your full list of Studio Dragon K-Dramas currently available to stream on Netflix US. All titles below Studio Dragon were either the production company behind the drama or its creator, planner, or developer:

Title Network Seasons Episodes
100 days my prince DTV 1 16
A Korean Odyssey NOT DTV 1 20
Abyss NOT DTV 1 16
Another Miss Oh DTV 1 18
Argon NOT DTV 1 8
Chronicles of Arthdal NOT DTV 1 18
Because this is my first life DTV 1 16
Black OCN 1 18
Cinderella and the four knights DTV 1 16
Crash landing on you NOT DTV 1 16
Dear my friends DTV 1 18
Designated survivor: 60 days NOT DTV 1 16
Familiar Wife DTV 1 16
His private life DTV 1 16
Hello, goodbye mom! NOT DTV 1 16
Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha NOT DTV 1 16
Hotel Del Luna DTV 1 16
It’s okay not to be okay NOT DTV 1 16
Kingdom NOT netflix 2 12
Kingdom: Northern Ashin NOT netflix 1 12
lawless lawyer DTV 1 16
To live DTV 1 18
Live up to your name DTV 1 16
love alarm NOT netflix 2 14
Memories of the Alhambra NOT DTV 1 16
Mine NOT DTV 1 16
Mr Sun NOT DTV 1 24
My Holo Love NOT netflix 1 12
My Sir DTV 1 16
Navillera NOT DTV 1 12
Possesses NOT DTV 1 16
Youth record NOT DTV 1 16
revolutionary love DTV 1 16
Romance is a bonus book NOT DTV 1 16
Rough DTV 1 16
Search the web DTV 1 16
start NOT DTV 1 16
Foreigner DTV 2 32
sweet home NOT netflix 1 ten
Habaek’s Bride DTV 1 16
The crowned clown DTV 1 16
The guest OCN 1 16
The K2 DTV 1 16
The King: Eternal Monarch NOT SBS Television 1 16
The lies inside NOT OCN 1 16
The strange meter NOT DTV 1 16
touch your heart DTV 1 16
Tunnel OCN 1 16
twenty five twenty one NOT DTV 1 16
Vincenzo NOT DTV 1 20
Voice OCN 1 12

What’s your favorite Studio Dragon K-Drama on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!