First Impressions: Why “Thirty-Nine” Is The New Must-See Drama

“Thirty-Nine” is the new JTBC drama that premiered on February 16. Son Ye Jin, Jeon Mi Doand Kim Ji Hyun, the series was created with very strong ratings. It’s no surprise when you have such a popular cast as well as an intriguing synopsis. Seeing how all the relationships are going to play out made for a very compelling watch. Keep reading to find out why “Thirty-Nine” is the must-watch series right now.

Warning: minor spoilers ahead!

1. The healing power of a strong girl team

“Thirty-Nine” follows the lives of three 39-year-old women. As they are about to turn 40, they are trying to overcome some obstacles in their respective lives. While figuring things out, they lean on each other for support and regularly share food and drink together.

This powerful team of girls is at the heart of the series, and you’ll feel the warmth of their friendship. Each individual character is someone you can identify with in some way and can fully support. Plus, as a viewer, it’s more than obvious that the three actresses really have great chemistry and developed a close-knit friendship while filming this series.

In a particular part of the second episode, Jung Chan Young (Jeon Mi Do) broke ties with a man she is in love with. As she stares out the window, heartbroken and emotional, Cha Mi Jo (Son Ye Jin) comes up from behind and hugs her. There is so much understanding and support in the hug that even we as viewers can receive vicarious healing from it.

2. Son Ye Jin’s Comfort

There’s something about seeing the nation’s first love in a K-drama that brings us so much comfort. This could be because Son Ye Jin can’t be wrong when it comes to choosing her K-dramas, and viewers can support her no matter what role she chooses. Her K-drama track record is nearly flawless, so when we see her appear on screen, we know we’re going to get a great K-drama and a solid performance.

Having not seen her since her hit series “Crash Landing On You” in early 2020, many are very excited to see her in a healing series alongside a talented cast. Her character and her aura on the small screen is healing in itself. Son Ye Jin revealed during the drama’s online press conference that she can really relate to this character and women’s lives. She said it was a perfect representation of how she lived her life. Her comfort in this role is definitely apparent, and it’s exciting to see her identify so perfectly with a character!

3. Jeon Mi Do’s Versatility

Jeon Mi Do as Jung Chan Young is a pleasant surprise to say the least. Her K-dramas repertoire isn’t huge, but her most notable role is Chae Song Hwa in the “Hospital Playlist” series. So far in “Thirty-Nine,” she’s shown that she won’t be cast in a specific role. Chan Young is the complete opposite of what we’re used to seeing for her, and we’re here for that. She’s jaded, outspoken, tough, and ready to defend her friends no matter what, but she’s totally sweet when it comes to the man she loves. She’s a little rough around the edges as she struggles with a tobacco addiction and tends to swear a bit, but she’s a lovable character through and through. Jeon Mi Do’s transformation into this character is incredibly perfect, and there is nothing but love for her in this role!

We love a badass Jeon Mi Do!

4. The emotional wreckage of every situation in their life

These three women understand the importance of their friendship and cherish it deeply. They depend on each other when life gets tough and have a deep-rooted trust that is enviable. As a result, we are able to see a lot of the raw, realistic, and relatable life issues that these women go through.

In the first two episodes only, viewers are faced with a very tragic situation of Jung Chan Young as it is discovered that she dies from an illness. Although there were only a few episodes, it is heartbreaking that these women are torn apart by such tragedy. With this rollercoaster of emotions in the first two episodes, one can only imagine what the writer still has in store, and despite this tragic ending, I still hope for the happiness of all the characters.

So don’t cry, you cry!

5. The supporting cast and their not-so-boring stories

Starring Son Ye Jin, Jeon Mi Do, and Kim Ji Hyun, there’s also the supporting cast, which involves Yeon Woo Jin, Lee Tae HwanLee Moo Saeng and Ahn So Hee. All the parallel stories, which can sometimes feel like a moment to breathe, are interesting. There really isn’t a dull moment or part you want to skip. Same Kang Mal Geum, who plays Cha Mi Jo’s very protective older sister, Cha Mi Hyun, is hysterically perfect. His character gives us feelings of laughter and warmth. From beginning to end of each episode, viewers are hooked and invested. We couldn’t have asked for a better K-drama this season.

6. Son Ye Jin’s family’s support for her mental health

Is there anyone else who got the warm thrill seeing how much Cha Mi Jo’s parents are supporting her to take a year off to get some mental health rest she so desperately needs need? It is expressed from the beginning of the first episode that Mi Jo will be going to the United States for a year, but it is not clear why. When Mi Jo is summoned by her parents and they find out that she is taking off, viewers find out that she is leaving because she has been battling panic attacks. A K-drama that brings this topic to the fore is worth watching. It is relevant and very relevant!

Seeing how loving Mi Jo’s father is and how he wants to go with her to the United States for the year is so heartfelt and moving. Judging from this clip alone, we see how much love Mi Jo has received in her life and how supportive and understanding they are of her situation. It’s a given but so soothing to see. I look forward to seeing more of this family interaction in future episodes!

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