Fox’s Best Comedy Drama Series That Only Lasted One Season According To Fans

On Reddit, a viewer started a thread asking what people thought was the best show that only lasted one season and “isn’t called ‘Firefly.'” One fan, u/Truthisnotallowed, mentioned that one of “Firefly’s” executive producers, Tim Minear, went on to produce a few other shows that only lasted one season, “Wonderfalls” and “Terriers.”

While other reviewers have expressed interest in both shows, as well as other unrelated one-season wonders, it’s “Wonderfalls” – the comedy-drama about a recent college grad working a dreary job. in a Niagara Falls gift shop that talks to various animal figurines in the store – which got the most attention from Redditors in this thread. Expressing their pure love for the series, u/thatfluffycloud wrote, “‘Wonderfalls’ is one of my all-time favorites. Shame it’s so unknown!” Agreeing, u/bloodredyouth wrote, “YES! Another ‘Wonderfalls’ fan! the show was so good and hilarious,” then pointed out that there was a “young Lee Pace.”

Another fan was invited to revisit the beloved show — u/charlesdexterward exclaimed, “I still have my ‘Wonderfalls’ DVD! It’s been a while but I might need to release it soon. Such a great show.” Another fan, u/originalchaosinabox, explained why “Wonderfalls” is superior to another short-lived show, writing, “Was coming to say ‘Wonderfalls’. ‘Pushing Daisies’ is still mentioned, but doesn’t count here because it has lasted two seasons. But Wonderfalls is from the same creator and has a similar, albeit more grounded, feel.”

According to these fans, it might be time to research “Wonderfalls” if you haven’t already.