Full Gordon Ramsay Twitch drama involving HasanAbi and xQc explained

Recently, Gordon Ramsay called out various Twitch streamers such as Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker and Felix “xQc” Lengyel on Twitter.

Popular chef and long-term judge of the US Master Chef series, Gordon Ramsay posted a tweet joking that viewers can watch his Next Level Chef series on Twitch if they missed it on Fox and Hulu. The new Twitch meta was made popular by the plethora of creators who watched the old ones Chef episodes during their Twitch broadcasts.

These include popular designers such as Felix “xQc” Lengyel, Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker, and Angela “AriaSaki”. The following article traces Gordon Ramsay’s drama which is expected to continue in the weeks to come.

Why has Gordon Ramsay cast a shadow over Twitch streamers? Tracing the drama involving the new Twitch meta

Most people thought Gordon Ramsay was casting a shadow over Twitch streamers. Others have claimed he is just looking to promote his new show and should be happy with the free promotion MasterChef US has received on Twitch in recent weeks.

Many popular creators such as xQc and HasanAbi have watched older episodes of the series. Since Gordon Ramsay has been a judge on the show since its debut in 2010, he appears regularly during these episodes.

@Gordon Ramsay @hulu It’s Gordon now, public relations next, then the lawyers. Fasten your Twitch belt. This is either what a system like when ContentID starts up looks like or what the end of Twitch looks like. twitter.com/bobdastreamer/…

@murderbits @Gordon Ramsay @hulu If Gordon / Fox are smart, they’ll see that this opens up its content to a whole new demographic. Just like most game publishers, you understand that streamers increase sales even if someone can watch a full game online. As long as streamers stick to older shows, of course.

In recent weeks, the situation has become so dire that xQc claimed he had become addicted to watching Chef episodes. Others, like HasanAbi and AriaSaki, have also watched old episodes together for hours on end during their Twitch broadcasts. Twitch streamer Ben “Cohh Carnage” Cassell even asked a staff member if streamers could watch and react to random TV shows on the platform.

Random question with no real context: notice that many streamers watch shows and react. No shade, more power for them! But I mean, is that OK? Is it public domain programming or something like that? Do large companies just don’t care about redesigning their content?

In response, Twitch claimed that they were not allowed to do so and that the platform would eventually take action against these creators. This has not happened until now. This has led streamers to continue with the new meta for now. In general situations, the owner of the content tends to file DMCA warnings with Twitch, and the platform then removes the content and takes action against the creators.

@CohhCarnage It is absolutely not ok. Just like it was never allowed to stream music. It’s just as DMCA as anything. It’s hard to say why streamers weren’t targeted, but just like music, it’s probably only a matter of time. This isn’t an official Twitch take, just mine.

Currently it seems that US MasterChef is well aware of the new meta and has simply chosen to ignore it. Gordon Ramsay referred to the trend during the tweet, but may have been looking to promote his new show. It will be interesting to see if Twitch ends up taking action against streamers who obviously aren’t allowed to stream randomly. US MasterChef episodes.

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