Greatjoy Hlats lands lead role in drama series

Greatjoy Idunyisiwe Hlatshwayo

BULAWAYO actor, Greatjoy Idunyisiwe Hlatshwayo landed a lead role in the Intaba Enkulu drama series set to premiere on August 28 at Ster Kinekor in Bulawayo.

Popularly known as Greatjoy Hlats in showbiz, Hlatshwayo will play Mgcini in the drama, alongside David Jacob Mafukeni, Katongo Mutale and Panashe Chikomba.

The multi-talented artist wears many hats. In addition to being an actor, he is a dancer, choreographer, television and radio host and model.

hlats said NewsDay Life & Style that drama series is all about having a fearless spirit and a determination to achieve your dreams.

“The Intaba Enkulu The drama series is about a township called Chisomo, a mining town that has a sacred mountain which it is believed that when you go there they can disappear,” he said.

“So the storyline revolves around this mysterious revered mountain, gomoguru/ intaba enkulu and the lead actor (Greatjoy Hlats) is on a quest to learn more about this sacred mountain. A lot will happen and the series will bring clarity to some confusion on the mountain.

Greatjoy Hlats thinks his background in the craft may have qualified him to be the lead actor in the drama series.

“The catalog I have on my biography shows and proves that I’ve been in acting for a while and know what it takes to be an actor or a comedian,” he said.

Greatjoy Hlats launched her career in 2016, through a play called Ben 10 directed by Memory Kumbota.

He feels the showbiz industry is not a bed of roses, adding that he learned to be consistent and determined in order to push against the odds.

“Being in the trenches hustling brings character and growth to someone and when you do that through a call you definitely find purpose. It’s a rewarding experience to have,” he said.

“Everyone has space in this universe to be who they want to be. I am a go-getter and an entrepreneur. Having been true to myself, such authenticity has been a hallmark of everything I do. My prowess is so deeply locked in the art that I give an out of this world performance on screen or even on stage.

Greatjoy Hlats has appeared in international productions screened on South Africa Broadcasting Corporation (SABC1), Mzansi Magic, Mnet, eTV, Trace Africa, Channel Oand Mzansi magic music among other channels.

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