‘Harikathe Alla Girikathe’ is a non-linear comedy-drama making the film unique for Rishab Shetty – The New Indian Express

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Rishab Shetty is a personality who becomes the face of the film he is a part of regardless of the responsibility he takes on. In his new film, Harikathe Alla Girikathe directed by Karan Ananth and Anirudh Mahesh, he is playing the lead role, besides co-producing the film with Sandesh Production. Rishab, however, believes the films are a team effort. “I don’t indulge in every department of filmmaking, but I took on responsibilities whenever necessary because the film is being run under our production house, Rishab Shetty Films. Producer Sandesh Nagaraj trusted my presence in the film a lot, but it added pressure on me at times.

Rishab Shetty

Ultimately, we all work to deliver a good movie. When asked if the young directing duo relied on their contributions, Rishab said, “I just gave my ideas, whenever there was room for improvement. It wasn’t something abnormal, it was very organic. Rishab shares that the support of his team allowed him to focus solely on the acting front at HKGK. “The process was very simple. Pramod Shetty and Sandesh Nagaraj handled production responsibilities.

So my job was to wait for my shot. Not doing much behind the camera bored me at first, but I learned to have fun as an actor. Interestingly, Rishab plays a director in HKGK, and he found the character’s struggles to be very relatable. “It reminded me of when I met people looking for opportunities, the aspirations I had for my first film, my helping friends and the obstacles. I believe all struggling directors will find the character relatable,” he says. Harikathe Alla Girikathe is a non-linear comedy-drama, which makes the film unique for Rishab.

“The film is made up of so many characters and takes the audience on a rollercoaster ride. The whole film is filled with humor, and I’m curious how people will receive our film,” he says, adding, “Well that comedies seem easy to do, it’s a difficult genre to shoot”. Rishab shares that the thirst for exploring genres continues to drive him forward. “I like to explore all kinds of genres, except horror movies. I don’t like watching horror movies, so I won’t make a movie that belongs to that genre,” he says.