Heartbreak High: Netflix has come up with a new Australian teen drama show

Netflix has released the new trailer for ‘Heartbreak High’, the upcoming teen comedy show set to premiere next September. The new trailer reveals that Amerie became a social outcast at school right after her sex card that exposed the entire student body. With the loss of her best friend due to controversies, she can find friendship with these strangers Quinn and Darren.

Heartbreak High is primarily a coming-of-age Aussie set to reboot the 1994 series of the same name. It was created and written by Hannah Caro Chapman, Ben Gannon and Michael Jenkins.

The story of the Netflix show is based on such a high-octane ride, the show is also able to delve into the minds and lives of a group of Australian teenagers. The new discovery of the secret map that made hookup charts during those school years makes architect Amerie the instant pariah. As part of an effort that targeted hypersexual students the school forces them to get into the sexual straight, the school also forced them to have a sexual literacy program. Along with her new friends, the Strangers, Quinn and Darren, Amerie also set out to grow her reputation as she evolved around love, sex, and Heartbreak.

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It’s mostly eight episodes featuring Ayesha Madon, Jamon Majors, Chloe Hayden, Asher Yasbincek, Thomas Weather all, Will McDonalds, Josh Heuston, Sherry-Lee Watson, Brodie Townsend, Gemma Chua-Tran, Chika Ikogwe and Rachel House. The series was also produced by Jenkins, Carly Heaton, Sarah Freeman, Brian Abel and Megan Palinkas. Produced by FremantleMedia.

Here is the trailer:

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