High Drama! Pushpa is admitted to her daughter’s school, Rashi upset

Bombay: Sony SAB’s new show from Ace TV producer and actor JD Majethia, titled “Pushpa Impossible” has started to earn a place in everyone’s hearts. The show stars Karuna Pandey, Darshan Gurjar and Navin Pandita. Pushpa Impossible is a show that depicts the life of a mother and her children. The show is sure to excite a wide audience and capture their hearts with its twists.

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In the previous episode, everyone is eagerly waiting for Saran to make the final call. Rashi sees Pushpa crying and assumes she is being denied admission in her school.

In the next episode, Pushpa manages to gain admission to an English middle school, the same one her daughter Rashi goes to. Rashi is extremely upset about this and she goes to the school commissioner and starts arguing with him. She tells the trustee that her mother can’t even say a proper sentence in English and that you admitted her to an English school. She further tells him that it will not be embarrassing only for her mother but also for herself as all her classmates would ridicule her. On the other hand, Pushpa is delighted with her admission. She goes to the temple to thank God and is delighted to share this happy news with her friends.

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Will Pushpa find out what his daughter is feeling?

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