How to Watch the Crime Drama Viewers Can’t Stop Talking About

Viewers who liked Drug, YellowstoneWhere Easttown Mareyou have to watch Mayor of Kingstown on Paramount+. The crime drama starring Jeremy Renner follows the McLusky family as they attempt to restore order and justice to a city with a broken prison system. the Mayor of Kingstown The Season 1 premiere drew 2.6 million viewers, making it one of Paramount Network’s most-watched scripted dramas. Find out how to watch Mayor of Kingstown free with or without cable.

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What is the “Mayor of Kingstown” talking about?

The creator of YellowstoneTaylor Sheridan, product Mayor of Kingstown with Hugh Dillon, who also stars in the cast. Dillon drew inspiration from his hometown of Kingston, Ontario to create the series about the thriving prison system. In Episode 1, viewers meet Mike McLusky (Renner), the right-hand man of “Mayor” Mitch McLusky (Kyle Chandler). Together, the two men act as intermediaries to maintain order and justice in Kingstown between the police, criminals, inmates, correctional officers and politicians. The series tackles many contemporary issues in America, including systemic racism, corruption, and inequality.

In addition to Mitch and Mike, the McLuskys have another brother, Kyle (Taylor Handley). The younger brother is a detective for the Kingstown Police Department and tries to stay out of his brothers’ business dealings. However, he is inevitably roped into the business.

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Dianne Wiest plays the McLusky brothers’ mother, Miriam, in the Mayor of Kingstown to throw. She is a college professor who also volunteers to teach inmates at the women’s prison. Dillon also joins the cast as Kyle’s partner in the police department.

How to watch ‘Mayor of Kingstown’

The first 10 episodes of Mayor of Kingstown are currently available to stream on Paramount+. To watch the series, users can download the Paramount Plus app available on most TVs, phones and devices. Paramount+ offers a free trial for seven days. Amazon Prime users can also sign up for a free trial through Amazon. However, Paramount+ is not available to Amazon Prime members.

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Is ‘Mayor of Kingstown’ on Netflix or Hulu?

Sorry Netflix and Hulu subscribers, Mayor of Kingstown is not available to watch on either streaming service. The crime drama is exclusive to the Paramount Network and available only through Paramount+.

How many episodes does “Mayor of Kingstown” have?

There are currently 10 episodes of Mayor of Kingstown available to watch on Paramount+. The series premiered on November 14, 2021 and continued every Sunday for 10 weeks. the Mayor of Kingstown The Season 1 finale aired on January 9, 2022. Below is the complete episode guide for the series:

Mayor of Kingstown Episode 1, “The Mayor of Kingstown” – November 14, 2021

Mayor of Kingstown Episode 2, “The End Begins” – November 14, 2021

Mayor of Kingstown Episode 3, “Simply Murder” – November 21, 2021

Mayor of Kingstown Episode 4, “The Price” – November 28, 2021

Mayor of Kingstown Episode 5, “Orion” – December 5, 2021

Mayor of Kingstown Episode 6, “Every Feather” – December 12, 2021

Mayor of Kingstown Episode 7, “Along Came a Spider” – December 19, 2021

Mayor of Kingstown Episode 8, “The Devil Is Us” – December 26, 2021

Mayor of Kingstown Episode 9, “The Lie of Truth” – January 2, 2022

Mayor of Kingstown Episode 10, “This Piece of My Soul” – January 9, 2022