If you follow the drama Every Time I Die, singer Keith Buckley released a statement

Depending on how you want to spin it, (a) Every Time I Die broke up, or (b) four of the five guys left the band, leaving vocalist Keith Buckley alone.

Wait. To safeguard.

On December 3, Buckley announced that he was not going to play three of the last dates of an American tour. He did, however, promise to return for the band’s annual show in Buffalo. This is exactly what happened.

During this time, however, the band said they would play those three shows asking audience members to fill in. From there, it got weird with an alleged plan to replace Buckley entirely, a plot that apparently included Keith’s brother Jordan. All of this has been denied. (You can read more information here.)

Since the collapse, the first salvo of this war has been fired by the other band members with This declaration, who basically blames everything on irreconcilable differences with Buckley. Some discussions took place in vain. There was a cease and desist order which is supposed to stop Keith from saying rubbish.

Now Keith has posted a very long statement of the split from his point of view.

It’s messy. And it looks like it’s going to be like that for a while.

For bassist Stephen Micchiche’s perspective, go here. And what future for the four members of the group who are not called Keith Buckley? Could be this.