In Kevin Durant’s latest business drama, his brother crushed the idea of ​​staying in Brooklyn while telling Skip Bayless to go to hell

Al Bello. Getty Images.

Another day, another opportunity to talk about how Team X should trade for Kevin Durant. It’s the biggest domino of all summer and it’s only a matter of time before the Nets pull the trigger. That’s unless you buy the reports that Sean Marks is set to have both Kyrie and KD on his roster until training camp. At this point, who knows what to believe. Should the Nets do something? No. Both players are locked in a guaranteed deal. The thing is, we’ve learned that a 4-year deal can just as easily be a 1-year deal the second a star player asks for a trade. As recent history shows, they usually get what they want.

Because we’re in the scorching days of the NBA calendar, of course, it’s a topic that everyone is going to be talking about, including every talking head show under the sun. As you can imagine, Skip Bayless has thought through this whole ordeal in terms of where KD should play.

Normally I’d say you can ignore this stuff, but because social media never sleeps, something came up as a result of this rant.

Notice this answer? No, it’s not a KD burner, but it’s his brother Tony Durant. He’s someone I’m sure to say has a pretty good idea of ​​what KD thinks about all of this. Telling Skip to go to hell isn’t that surprising, pretty much everyone says it. But to hell with the idea of ​​sending him back with the Nets? Well, that’s the most interesting part.

This whole fiasco is so weird when you really think about it. Since the day KD signed on with BKN, haven’t they done just about anything he asked? From DeAndre Jordan, to hiring Steve Nash, to Harden offering him maximum extension, what happened that apparently soured KD on the Nets so quickly? Is it as simple as they played hardball with Kyrie and that was enough for him to say fuck it, get me out of here? I find that a bit unrealistic, so what is it?

Or, is his brother saying the Nets shouldn’t keep the core together and should just trade Kyrie. If they do, does KD still want to exit based on the return? Considering the only business partner appears to be the Lakers and that would involve Russ, I can’t imagine KD would have pumped it all up either. A Westbrook/Simmons/KD trio is a weird basketball cut.

At this point, the Nets are essentially holding the entire NBA hostage right now. No one wants to do anything until this trade is understood, and if you believe this asking price reported

I don’t know how it happens soon. Then again, it’s just an anonymous GM where, unless it’s Sean Marks, I guess it doesn’t matter.

So what have we learned from all of this? Confirmation that nobody likes Skip Bayless and that KD doesn’t see Brooklyn in his future. So basically…..nothing. We turn and turn.