Is The Cleveland Kidnapping, Netflix’s Newest Crime Drama Addition, A True Story?

The Cleveland Abduction, the true story of Ariel Castro’s 2015 crimes, is taking the media by storm as a crime drama was made under the same name and is now available on Netflix.

Crime dramas based on a true story continue to dominate the streaming chart, as we’ve seen recent inclusions like Tinder Swindler and Worst Roommate Ever on Netflix. This proves that there are no signs of decline in the popularity of this genre.

Now there’s another addition – Cleveland Abduction, the 2015 American crime drama that just hit Netflix. Undoubtedly, this addition has taken social media by storm as it sparked renewed interest in crime dramas based on true stories.

The incident happened in the Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio, where Ariel Castro abducted three young women and imprisoned them in his basement between 2002 and 2004.

What is the real story of Cleveland Abduction?

Ariel Castro, a resident of 2207 Seymour Avenue, abducted his victims – three women by offering them a ride, luring them inside, then holding them in his basement. Castro was 52 at the time of his arrest.

The first victim Michelle Knight was abducted on August 23, 2002, while the second victim Amanda Marie Berry disappeared on April 21, 2003, just the day before her 17th birthday. Castro’s third victim was 14-year-old Georgina Lynn DeJesus, who disappeared on April 2, 2004.

Castro physically, emotionally and sexually abused all of these women as he confined them to locked rooms. Knight told police she gave birth to a daughter in 2006.

In 2013, Berry managed to inform Castro’s neighbors, which led to her escaping and informing the police. Then Castro was arrested and charged with being sentenced to life imprisonment. Within a month, Castro committed suicide in the prison cell.

Where can you watch Cleveland Abduction?

The crime drama was recently added to Netflix, where you can watch it at no additional cost (if you’re already a subscriber).

However, it is currently not available on Netflix UK.

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