Isle of Wight schools stage thought-provoking road safety drama

Schoolchildren on the Isle of Wight have been given a lesson in road safety – which could save their lives.

Isle of Wight Council Road Safety Team have commissioned ‘The Riot Act Ltd’ to perform their theatrical pedestrian safety education show, ‘What happened’to 7th graders across the island.

Statistics show that 20% of pedestrians killed on the Island over the past ten years were aged 15 and under.

The main contributing factor to these incidents is “failure to look”, which can be the result of being distracted by the side of the road, such as using a cell phone.

Rosy Watts, Head of Personal, Social and Health Education at Ryde Academy, said:

“The play focused on road safety, particularly on journeys to and from school.

“They mixed comedy with important and powerful messages, which will help equip our students with life-saving knowledge to be responsible pedestrians.

“The kids seemed to really enjoy it and it was perfect for our 11 and 12 year olds.

“It was great that they highlighted the danger of distractions, especially with phones and music, it was a helpful reminder for everyone to be more aware of road safety.”

Councilor Phil Jordan, Cabinet Member for Transport, said:

“What a fantastic, relevant and inspiring event for school children most at risk of road accidents.

“I hope this theatrical performance will help these young people think about the importance of road safety, especially as many 7th graders are becoming independent travellers.

“Equipping children with this knowledge encourages them to make responsible and safe decisions as pedestrians throughout their school years and beyond.

“I want to thank Riot Act for their effort and energy in delivering their message to their audience in a positive, interesting and empowering way. Kudos to all the kids in attendance who listened, engaged and considered the messages and information. A great success from all points of view.

More information about The Riot Act Ltd and their shows can be found at

Details of the STATS19 database used by the police to collect data are available at