James Gray will write and direct a drama series based on the life and career of famous and controversial author Norman Mailer

James Grayauthor and director of Ad Astraas well as The Lost City of Z and The immigranthas signed on to write and direct a drama series based on the life and career of famed and controversial writer, Norman Mailer. Gray is teaming up with John Buffalo Mailer, the writer’s son who died in 2007, to create the series, which will be based on J. Michael Lennonthe biography of Norman Mailer: A double life.

Messaging will tell the story of the rebellious intellectual, who documented America’s journey from World War II to WiFi and engaged in one of the most publicly controversial lives – violent confrontations with lions literary like Truman Capote and Gore Vidal, political icons, sports legends, six wives and numerous mistresses. It will explore a life full of adventure, sex, love, violence, hope, conflict, betrayal, disappointment, brutal tragedy and epic triumph – and some of the most influential writing of the 20th century. .

Mailer’s most popular works include novels The Executioner’s Song, armies of the night, an american dream, Ads for me, The ghost of the prostitute, The naked and the dead, The fight, Why are we in Vietnam?, Marilyn, The time of our timeand The White Negro: Shallow Reflections on the Hipster.

The project is produced by Mailer Tuchman Media, headed by John Buffalo Mailer, who himself has acted in films such as Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps and Blind.

James Gray said of the project:

“It’s hard to find another individual whose voice meant more in his time than that of Norman Mailer – he chronicled humanity in all its outrageous and ugly glory through a lens that was uniquely his own. J ‘m looking forward to the thrilling challenge of examining his wild legacy through this series.

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via: Deadline