Jang Dong Yoon, Nana Confirmed For New Fantasy & Romantic Drama From “Lovers Of The Red Sky” Director

It’s official: Jang dong yoon and after school Nana will star together in an exciting new romantic drama!

On January 7, it was confirmed that the two actors will star in the upcoming drama “My Man Is Cupid” (literal translation). Guided by “Red sky lover” and “ChangeDirector Nam Tae Jin, the drama will tell the story of a fairy who falls in love after being hit by her own arrow.

Jang Dong Yoon will play Chun Sang Hyuk, a fairy who is stuck on Earth after burning her wings 500 years ago. In his attempts to recover his lost wings, he took on 28 different forms during his time on Earth. Unable to forget his first love, the icy Chun Sang Hyuk has built an impregnable wall around his heart that no woman can pass through, but that all changes when he accidentally shoots himself a bullet with his own arrow.

Meanwhile, Nana will star in the drama as Oh Baek Ryun, a veterinarian whose beauty causes tons of men to fall in love with her at first sight. However, whenever she gets involved with someone, they seem to find themselves facing a life-threatening crisis, which causes her to end up swearing not to date someone again.

The producers of the upcoming drama commented, “‘My Man Is Cupid’ will be like an oasis for viewers craving some fantastic character-based romance they can fall head over heels for.”

They continued, “Please show a lot of interest in” My Man Is Cupid, “a romance about overcoming fate that will make viewers’ hearts beat faster as it sweeps through the desolate everyday life of 2022. “

The premiere of “My Man Is Cupid” is currently scheduled for 2022.

In the meantime, watch Jang Dong Yoon in “To look for”With subtitles here…

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… and Nana in “In the ring” below!

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