K-Drama “Mother” Highlights Child Abuse

Each character had their own motif. They weren’t bad because they were just born bad. Rather, almost each of the main characters had their own backgrounds which helped dictate and show us why they acted the way they did in the drama. If SeolAk had been raised properly and normally, he probably wouldn’t have been the psychopathic murderer he has become. If Jayoung’s husband had taken responsibility, she wouldn’t have been so lonely, stressed and dependent. It’s not like she doesn’t care about her child at all, it’s just that she finds it unfair that she has to give up so much in life for Hye Na. She failed to manage her own life and failed to provide warmth and security for her child until one day she felt it was best that Hye Na died. Overall, it seemed like each character had their own role or archetype in the drama. Each character was complex, very realistic, and generally very easy to understand.

If you are looking for light drama, this wouldn’t be the right choice. The subject is dark. The drama “Mother” is a well-crafted drama with powerful and phenomenal performances and magnificent cinematography that allows us to explore the true meaning of motherhood in various situations and stages of life while also bringing up the heavy topic of child abuse. children. This shows us that a person who gives birth does not automatically become a mother – a person becomes a mother once they devote their life to their child. It’s about love.

About people who would do anything for you, see you happy and will love and support you no matter what. The dynamic between Soo-Jin and Hye Na also highlights an adoptive mother’s love for her adopted child. Every parent should understand that regardless of their choice of parenting style, children have a right to be happy and healthy emotionally and physically.